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Curios are special items that must be pieced together and, when completed, might be carried, worn or placed in a manse. Pieces often come from quests or promotional events. On top of the benefits of each individual completed curio, many curios provide an additional power when one completes all the curios in a collection.

Trade in curio pieces among adventurers is very common and facilitated by the CURIOMARKET command.

General Curio Collections

Most of the earliest curios fit a pattern of being part of a themed collection of 4: a Magic Item curio, a Damage Resistance curio, a Damage Enhancement curio and a Travel curio.

  • Magic Item curios are enchantable like jewelry but can hold up to 200 charges.
  • Damage Resistance curios may either grant 1/7 resistance to each of two damage types or 2/7 in one damage type.
    • Only one Damage Resistance curio may be active at a time.
  • Damage Enhancement curios may either grant 1/7 buff for each of two damage types or some number for one damage type.
    • Only one Damage Enhancement curio may be active at a time.
  • Travel curios grant +1 celerity when in the pertinent environment.
    • All travel curios in one's inventory are active at all times.

Each of these collections also has a collection power that teleports to a thematic destination.

Collection Magic Item Damage Resist Damage Enhance Travel
General Collections
Astro Splintered Star Crystal Moon Crystal Comet Glittering Sun
Enchantable 200 Excorable & Magical Divinus & Magical Clouds
Bird Glass Peacock Porcelain Dove Ceramic Parrot Gem Swan
Enchantable 200 Cold Fire Jungle
Bone Diamond Skull Crystal Femur Ruby Rib Knucklebone
Enchantable 200 Blunt Blunt Desert
Face Glaring Eyeball Sniffing Nose Disembodied Mouth Floating Ear
Enchantable 200 Magical & Psychic Magical & Psychic Ocean
Feather Golden Feather Bronze Feather Silver Feather Platinum Feather
Enchantable 200 Magical Magical Mountain
Figure Wooden Soldier Tin Tinker Bronze Tailor Iron Spy
Enchantable 200 Cold Cold Urban
Flower Gem Rose Jewel Orchid Ruby Tulip Jeweled Lily
Enchantable 200 Fire Fire Forest
Flutter Glass Butterfly Jade Moth Jeweled Dragonfly Golden Bumblebee
Enchantable 200 Poison & Fire Poison& Fire Tundra
Forsaken Jewelled Skull Forsaken Veil Jewelled Eye Frozen Spearhead
Enchantable 200 Psychic & Excorable Psychic & Divinus Polar
Ice Angel Guardian Medal Cloudberry Basket Ice Skull Phoenix Plume
Enchantable 200 Cold & Divinus Cold & Excorable Polar
Light Bewitch Lantern Runed Torch Silver Candelabra Murex Beacon
Enchantable 200 Divinus & Electrical Divinus & Electrical Beach
Mechanical Toothed Cog Oiled Gear Clockwork Pendulum Brass Sprocket
Enchantable 200 Excorable & Blunt Excorable & Blunt Astral
Scholar Feather Quill Square Inkwell Scholar's Notepad Silver Penknife
Enchantable 200 Psychic & Blunt Psychic & Blunt Hills
Sky White Cloud Shimmering Rainbow Icy Snowflake Crystal Lightning
Enchantable 200 Asphyxiation Asphyxiation Polar
Snake Avaricious Asp Emerald Cobra Rapacious Rattlesnake Boa Constrictor
Enchantable 200 Poison Poison Swamp
Soulless Corrupt Staff Dark Flame Toxic Spine Dark Diamond
Enchantable 200 Divinus Excorable Netherworld
Spider Spiderweb Leering Tarantula Black Widow Silk Spider
Enchantable 200 Cutting & Electrical Cutting & Electrical Trees
Tool Steel Wrench Screwdriver Gleaming Saw Oily Ratchet
Enchantable 200 Psychic Psychic Grasslands
Torture Straight Razor Leather Flog Steel Handcuffs Sable Blindflold
Enchantable 200 Divinus & Asphyxiation Excorable & Asphyxiation Wasteland
Toy Magic Bear Stuffed Wakabi Stuffed Piglet Stuffed Donkey
Enchantable 200 Poison & Cutting Poison & Cutting Valley
Utensil Silver Spoon Dainty Fork Wooden Tongs Butterknife
Enchantable 200 Electrical Electrical Volcanic
Vernal Chroma Rod Holy Helm Vernal Bracers Pearl Sandals
Enchantable 200 Excorable Divinus Divine
Waystation Wooden Luggage Wooden Driver Wooden Wakabi Wooden Carriage
Enchantable 200 Blunt & Cutting Blunt & Cutting Road

Buffs and Blessings

14th Anniversary Batons

Provides hour-long blessings to everyone in the room when TOUCHed. An ASCII-art firework or graphic is also displayed.

  • Baton of Wands - 25% increased damage while influence blessing (1 hour, 3/weave)
  • Baton of Pentacles - 1/13 ego blessing (lasts 1 hour, 3/weave)
  • Baton of Chalices - 1/13 mana blessing (lasts 1 hour, 3/weave)
  • Baton of Swords - 1/13 health blessing (lasts 1 hour, 3/weave)
    • Collection power is a 25% experience blessing for everyone online belonging the player's nation (1/weave)

Kittens and Puppies

Each curio forms a pet that can be dropped and will follow you around and provide beneficial effects.

  • Munchkin Kitten - Increased chance to find vermin
  • Ragdoll Kitten - Points out hidden exits when entering a room (randomly selects one if multiple directions are hidden)
  • Sphynx Kitten - Increases chance to spot illusions
  • Calico Kitten - Spots traps in adjacent rooms.
    • Kitten collection power is to form a toyger cat that reduces ego casting costs for 60 minutes (1/month)

Feature Curios

Feature curios enhance the appearance for better or worse, resulting in an increase or lowering of prestige. You can wear all of them at once for aesthetics, but for positive prestige you can only combine a Hair or Beard Curio with a Beauty Curio.

Item Generation

Genie Bottles

Once per game month each bottle can give a random prize out of 3-5 aethergoop, a master palette, lips, divine present or Wheel of Tzaraziko coin. Note there is a global cap on aethergoop that can be won per game month from all owned genies, treasure maps and ur'traps.

  • Red Genies (Crimson Bottle, Ruby Bottle, Vermillion Bottle, Scarlet Bottle) - collection power is a 1/8 health blessing.
  • Yellow Genies (Amber Bottle, Citrine Bottle, Saffron Bottle, Gold Bottle) - collection power is a 1/8 ego blessing.
  • Blue Genies (Azure Bottle, Sapphire Bottle, Lavender Bottle, Cerulean Bottle) - collection power is a 1/8 mana blessing.

Red Heart

The completed curio forms a candybox which generates a heart-shaped candy each game month, storing a maximum of 10 inside. When removed from the candybox, these transform into a random type of heart candy which can be EATen for a defense based on color typically lasting 24 hours.

Candy color Buff
brilliant white 1/6 asphyxiation resist
burnt orange 1/6 cold resist
gold 1/6 divinus resist
hot pink 1/6 magical resist
icy blue 1/6 fire resist
neon yellow 1/6 electrical resist
pitch-black 1/6 excorable resist
rainbow 1/6 psychic resist
rancid, booger green 1/6 poison resist
scarlet 1/4 health blessing
seafoam green 1/6 blunt resist

Upon consuming the candy, the recipient will involuntarily exclaim the message written on it, such as

An ecstatic Elryn exclaims, "Always Yours!"

Soulless & Vernal Curios

340CE - Soulless & Vernal Curios were added for completing certain honour quests. (Announce #2102)

Soulless Curio Collection

  • Raising the Eye of Zenos (Climanti Past)
  • Completing Project Soulforge
  • Opening Djarrakh
  • Empowering the Slaghora'ruin (Tarpits)
  • Dominating the Kephera Hives
  • Raising the Avatar of the Dark Empress

Vernal Curio Collection

  • Activating Spire of Dionamus
  • Destroy the Eye of Zenos (Climanti Past)
  • Chancel of Clangoran Mysteries
  • Crowning Ethilwin or Thoril
  • Mirror of Tzaraziko
  • Hand of Tzaraziko
  • Urlach Catacombs Quest
  • Closing Djarrakh
  • Destroying Soulforge
  • Kiakoda Nature Reserve Quest

Consumable Curios

Mouldy Cheese Curio

  • Collecting all the pieces and completing a mouldy cheese curio lets
  • Mouldy cheese pieces occasionally drop from hunting vermin.

Macaroon Curio

  • Introduced with Announce #3236, these curios provide powerful bonuses but are consumed upon use.
    • Red Macaron - doubles health vitals
    • Blue Macaron - doubles mana vitals
    • Pink Macaron - doubles ego vitals
    • Scarlet Macaron - boosts health regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
    • Azure Macaron - boosts mana regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
    • Rose Macaron - boosts ego regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
    • Lavender Macaron - increases critical hits to 100%
    • Orange Macaron - increases aethercrits to 100%
    • Green Macaron - increases experience gain by 1000% (not in Endzones)
    • Brown Macaron - increases essence gain in Endzones by 20x for a single run

Non-mechanic Curios

This is a catch-all group for curio types that do not provide a mechanical benefit.