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This entry is Outdated and no longer accurately reflects Lusternia! You can help the lore wiki by contacting a Chronicler with information to add to it.

Within the world of Lusternia, deep wounds may be quite unlike anything you'll find in other worlds. With a judicious slice, a warrior can inflict painful blows that can result in deep wounds. Deep wounds are damage so deep within your body that they cannot be cured by normal means. The greater your deep wounds, the more chance that the next blow against you by a trained warrior could have devastating effects, including broken bones, severed arteries, punctured lungs, and even mortal wounds or beheading.

Healing potions may be applied to body parts to cure these deep wounds (as opposed to drinking them). Since one can only effectively use a draught from a healing potion every few seconds, it is a choice whether to either drink the potion to heal your health or to apply the potion to cure deep wounds--yet another facet in the complex combat system of Lusternia.

How many do you have?

There are three main methods of tracking how many deep wounds you have.

  • Wounds skill: Use the Discernment skill WOUNDS (or WOUNDS SIMPLE) to check on your wounds. This is the only way to be certain, but it requires balance and consumes equilibrium, so you can't do it too often in a fight.
  • Estimate by hits: Every time a warrior or monk hits you, you take some wounds. How many can vary widely depending on the characteristics of the attacker and weapons, but estimating about 800 per warrior combo and 250 per monk combo is better than nothing.
  • Estimate by requirements: Warrior afflictions require a certain wound level, so if you just got an affliction, you know that you have at least that many deep wounds. Consult the following chart.

Warrior Attacks and Deep Wounds

Attack Spec Type Body Part Requires
AmputateArm AL, PB Swing Arm critical
AmputateLeg AL, PB Swing Leg critical
ArmArtery BM Jab Arm negligible
BashBrain BC Swing Head critical
Behead AL, BM, PB Hack Down Head critical
BlackEye BC Swing Head heavy
BloodyNose BC Jab Head negligible
BrokenArm AL, BC Swing Arm heavy
BrokenChest BC Either Chest medium
BrokenJaw BC Jab Head light
BrokenLeg BC Either Leg heavy
BrokenNose BC Swing Head light
BrokenSkull BC Swing Head medium
BrokenWrist BC Swing Arm critical, plus broken arm
BurstOrgans BC Jab Gut critical
CollapsedLungs BM, PB Jab Chest BM:heavy, PB:critical
Concussion BC Jab Head critical
CrackedKneecap AL Either Leg heavy
CrackedElbow PB Swing Arm heavy
CrushedChest BC, AL Swing Chest BC:heavy, AL:critical
CrushedLeg BC Swing Leg critical, less with broken leg
CrushedWindpipe BC Jab Head heavy
Disembowel BM Jab Gut critical
Execution AL Either chest, gut, and head at heavy; at least one critical
FracturedArm AL, BC Swing Arm medium
FurrowedBrow PB Swing Head medium
GashedCheek PB Jab Head medium
GashedChest BM Swing Chest medium
HeartPierce BM Jab Chest critical
Impale BM Jab Gut heavy
KnockDown AL, BC Either Leg AL:light, BC:medium
LaceratedArm AL, PB Either Arm negligible
LaceratedLeg AL, PB Either Leg negligible
LegTendon PB, BM Either Leg PB:heavy, BM:critical
OpenChest AL, PB Either Chest medium
OpenGut AL, BM, PB Either Gut light
PiercedArm BM Jab Arm light
PiercedLeg PB, BM Jab Leg medium
PinnedLeg BM Jab Leg heavy
PuncturedChest BM Jab Chest medium
PuncturedLung BM Jab Chest light
RingingEar AL Either Head light
RupturedStomach PB Either Gut heavy
Scalped BM Swing Head medium
SepticWound BM Jab Gut medium
SeveredNerve PB, BM Jab Arm medium
SeveredPhrenic PB Jab Chest medium
SeveredSpine AL Swing Gut critical
ShatteredJaw AL Either Head heavy
SlapKnuckle BC Either Arm none
SlicedBicep PB Swing Arm light
SlicedEar BM, PB Swing Head light
SlicedThigh AL Swing Leg medium
SlicedForehead AL, BM Swing Head negligible
SlitThroat AL, BM, PB Swing Head heavy
SnappedRibs AL Jab Chest medium
VomitingBlood BC Either Gut heavy
Wind BC Either Gut medium

AL=Axelord, BC=Bonecrusher, BM=Blademaster, PB=Pureblade