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The Megalith of Doom
Magnagora, the Engine of Transformation
Patron Drocilla
Divine Pantheon Drocilla, Fain, Morgfyre, Raezon, Thax
Political Structure Conquest
Governance Style Benign
Guilds Mandate, Society, and Heralds.

Magnagora was the only city to survive the Taint Wars, itself twisted by the Taint. The mutated and undead flocked there, claiming it as their own, interbreeding and giving birth to the viscanti race. Innately distrustful of the other races, they are especially vocal against the merians and elfen who wish to cleanse the Taint. These races are greeted as inferiors, and do not receive the same benefits of the other citizens.

Embracing their heritage, the city quickly became a force to reckon with, pulling their power from the Tainted plane of earth and the transformed plane of Nil, now home to the Demon Lords. Bent on conquest and domination, they quickly adapted to the prejudices of the peoples of the Basin, learning that brute force was not always the answer and instead finding more subtle manipulations were just as effective. They are now a major player in the game of power, poised to fundamentally change the landscape of the Basin of Life.

During the events of the year 473 CoE the guilds were closed ending the age of separation of the Engine merely by the forces of which powers one might control or call upon, and set into motion the age of Transformation for the whole of the basin. Guilds which represented more than could be understood at the original opening of them rose in their place all around the basin of life. In Magnagora those guilds were Mandate, Society, and Heralds which now stand as pillars of Magnagorian culture to ensure that the Engine presses forward into the future to gain dominance and supremacy. <br


The Megalith of Doom

Known as the Stone of Truth before the glory and blessings of the Taint, this massive rock is Magnagora's nexus, vessel and conveyor of the city's power stores. All citizens may tap into the Nexus to fill their own reserves, up to a given limit monthly based on city rank. More importantly, dark essence may be fed into the Megalith to increase the city's power reserves.

The Megalith stands at the centre of the Necropolis as the city's sacred meeting place. Novice Portals, the Infernal Machine, and Teleport Nexus all exit or end here. All this, plus citizens gathering for social occasion, it is a veritable bustle of activity for all ages and ranks.

Wailing Woman Inn

Located near the northern gates, the Wailing Woman Inn is the ultimate in city cuisine. The Trademaster of the city's Cooking cartel, Gourmonds, maintains the stock with fine fare suitable for all appetites. It is also a recommended place to shop for edibles of all kinds as a young Magnagoran.

Furnished for fine dining, social drinking, or private rendezvous the Inn is perfect for grabbing a bite to eat, resting one's head, or having a drink in seclusion. It is often a preferred place for having more intimate or confidential conversations away from the commotion found at the Megalith.

Magnagora City Zoo

Filled with all manner of wondrous creatures to behold, you will find birds and snakes, and children happily playing as they gaze upon the Zoo's inhabitants. Rheimos, the City Zookeeper, tends the many animals and will offer good coin for rats with which to feed these caged residents.

Nobles can be seen enjoying their in hushed and regal composure, while families might find a welcome respite at the Picnicking Ground. Here children are free to expend their endless bounty of energy frolicking and partaking of boisterous activities.

The magnificent Zoo is a good destination for families and explorers alike as an attraction with many outlets and sights for your stay.

The Silent Cathedral

As the Demon Lords and Lady all watch over and bless the Engine of Transformation, so too does the Silent Cathdral stand elevated upon a plateau above the city, sentry and guardian over Magnagora. A wealth of lore unto itself, the Cathedral captures the essence of Magnagora in its construction, symbolic decor, the carvings, the statues, and rendered images all throughout.

Within branching alcoves and niches, fonts representing each Demon Lord and Lady are here, designed to convey the full glory of Their values and symbols. The Northernmost Font is reserved for the Supreme Master Himself, Lord Luciphage.

Halls leading into these niches bear their own marks of Lore and History to behold. An absolute must for every new Magnagoran and visitor, this Cathedral has much to offer in knowledge and understanding of the Engine's religious and cultural heritage.


The Marketplace itself is central to the city, located to the northeast of the Necropolis. The Directory is full of every type of item required for a growing, prospering Magnagoran. For those of sufficient city rank, a tastefully appointed tearoom is hidden nearby, entrance granted to only the highest of society. A guard ensures no lowly Serfs may enter and sully its noble establishment.

Notable Denizens

  • Alaron y'Bolgari
High Priest of the Silent Cathedral located near the eastern gates, Alaron is a viscanti of religious dedication to Nihilism and the Demon Lords and Lady. His body was reformed in modern times after being scattered in pieces across the Cosmic Plane of Nil, though his missing left hand bears evidence to the atrocity he experienced. However confused he appears in his current state, his dark devotion has never waned.
  • Ardath n'Lochli
Bejewelled with all that glitters, this graceful viscanti lady is of the Great House n'Lochli. She makes claim to being one of the oldest viscanti in the city due to the glories of Necromancy. The Lady can be found in the n'Lochli Estates in the southern part of the city.
  • Ardrak, Keeper of the Megalith
Cloaked in a long black robe, this bat-winged denizen has been warped by his constant proximity to the Megalith, watching its fluctuations ever the dutiful caretaker. He is Magnagora's city tutor and can induct new citizens who meet the criteria. The Keeper is also very knowledgeable about the city's History and quite ready to speak of it to anyone who asks.
  • Ayman n'Kylbar
Dressed smartly and exuding the genius he claims, the Lord Architect of Magnagora oversees all the great construction works of the Engine of Transformation. Located just west of the North Gate in the n'Kylbar Manor, you may ask him for progress on any major projects in the city he is working on.
  • Ghalib d'Murani
Born of the Great House d'Murani, this wealthy merchant dresses like a true aristocrat as he meanders through the Magnagoran marketplace browsing the available wares.
  • Kalas Keryn
Do not judge her by her slim frame, this viscanti maiden has infinite patience and strength to run the city's Stables by the North Gate and manage all the wondrous beasts kept within. Born of Great House Kalas, she bears her surname before her given name, Keryn.
  • Kebira n'Rotri
Horrifically blinded and deafened by long iron spikes, this chained viscanti is serving a penance for past treason and high crimes. She is a warning to all who would follow in her footsteps. Forced to serve the city she nearly sundered, she manages the Workhouse, where compliant beggars are put to hard labour.
  • Lain, the Lamplighter
Wandering the city from gas lamp to gas lamp, Lain is in charge of lighting the city's fixtures when darkness falls. This pale ruby viscanti young woman is easily overlooked as she diligently carries out her duties in silence, but greet her and you may find a way to assist her. At dawn and dusk, following the Lamplighter could yield you a wondrous, unique spectacle to witness. (If you own a watch, five o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the evening!)
  • Marla
Frazzled, frizzy and disheveled, Marla the postal worker is the perfect example of "Busy!" This short viscanti woman maintains all the courier bats for the Magnagoran Post Office. Her constant panic and frenzied state are easily evidenced by all who greet or look at her.
  • Mistress Yoshimi
Not only the resident banker, but this fine, carnelian-skinned viscanti is a black belt in Kata. Like all who wish to achieve success in Magnagora, she disciplines herself regularly to maintain an expert physical condition.
  • Rasshid d'Sifal
One citizen of Magnagora often heard as he walks the streets crying the latest information, this viscanti is most often found in the Necropolis. Iron Councillors and the Minister of Cultural Affairs alike can ensure information is distributed through Rasshid who does a fine job of greeting everyone with their newest updates.
  • Rheimos, the City Zookeeper
Entrusted with caring for the exotic animals at the Zoo, this viscanti keeper has one warning to all visitors, "keep dogs away from them!" He will gladly pay for rats to feed these creatures instead. Rheimos stands guard in the northeastern section of town.
  • Skeletal Captain
Loyal and dutiful even in undeath, this captain has no name nor words to speak his past. His flesh has since rotted off but that does not deter him from ferrying all who can pay the meagre 50 gold fee to ride with him to and from the Spectre Isle and near Magnagora's harbour in the west.
  • Snaikka i'Xiia
A passionate scientist studying how to maintain the Necromentate, Snaikka is a petite, diminutive viscanti with a feverish devotion to her work locked away in the northwest tower of the city. Often found muttering profanities under her breath, she only engages with others for the tasks she requires of them. Her experiments involve the use of high quantities of enlarged brains.
  • Tunika d'Murani
An esteemed scientist found in the southeastern side of the city in d'Murani Tower, this member of the Great House claims responsibility for the Necromentate on behalf of his house. Typical of any scientist, his robes are sooty from various experiments and he is too busy for idle talk. However, he is quite adamant about finding beggars work and has a means of persuading them to the task.
  • Valkira d'Lardick
Grand Executioner of the City of Magnagora, this viscanti woman is elegance personified for all that her duties lend itself to gruesome reprimand and punishment. Small but strong, she stands ready for any of the Iron Council to order an execution above the North Gates where she is stationed.