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Should this include: the journey through the Portal of Fate, the collegium, and life as a novice within a guild/being rogue?

Who knows?

Whatever people think newbies need to know. What would you have liked as a newbie? The only thing it shouldn't be is really really long or exhaustive. It'd be nice if it had answers to "what should I do now?" that true newbies need, but not so long it makes them recoil and say "maybe I'll go play Xbox instead".


In that case - I think I'll go on with the path that I've started because people can always look at the New Player Guide which I've linked. In no particular order:

  • Ways to connecting to Lusternia (covering clients, nexus, port # and such information)
  • Creating your First Character (Portal of Fate, advantages, link to playerorg page)
  • Welcome to Lusternia Proper (who a new user can get help from, how to access help files)
  • Roleplaying (emoting, chatspeak, descriptions etc)
  • Skills (how to learn, how to ask a tutor how far you are in a skill, link to skills page)
  • Suggested Equipment (what should be bought, for 2k or less, how to search the aetherplex for a certain item, how to refill from keg using empty vials)
  • Newbie Hunting, Influencing and Questing (covering the concepts of hunting, influencing and questing, and citing the existing pages)
  • Miscellaneous commands (news system, messages)
  • Suggested Reading (organized according to topic)

So basically an advanced version of HELP WHATNOW. I figure by the time they get to Guild novicehood they should have a decent idea as to the world and someone will likely have taken them under their wing.