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Isune, the Aesthete
Circle Fourth
Symbols bird of paradise upon a field of stars
a stark white falcon set against the blazing dawn
The Grand Salon Irillia and Zyphora
Patronage Hallifax
The Colourful Aesthete (by Saaga)

Once of the Fourth Circle, the goddess Isune was known before the Elder Wars for such acts as painting the sky with Her sister Trillillial, making variants of avian creatures, or granting wings to beings normally lacking them. One of the last Elders to leave during their war against the Soulless, She witnessed the deaths and splintering of many whom she loved, and suffered grievous wounds Herself.

Aeons passed away in the void before the coming of Estarra drew Isune back to Lusternia, where She quickly allied Herself with the budding city of New Celest alongside Lacostian. She became intrigued and entranced by mortals and their potential, often content to idly watch them and urge them to put their talents to use. At the same time, the scars that the world and Basin of Life still bore from the Soulless incited Her anger, and evoked Her pity.

When the Seal of Nature broke and the might of Kethuru threatened all of creation, Isune sacrificed Herself to repair and empower the seal. The efforts of Lacostian and many mortals succeeded in restoring Her, but this and Her later involvement with the creation of the Wyrd of Glomdoring left Her changed. While She may still be considered a compassionate being, She no longer assumes Her former title. Her emphasis has fallen to the beautification of Lusternia in body and soul, and as such, She has taken the new moniker of 'the Aesthete.'

Isune values artistry wrought with imagination above all things. She holds the act of making viable creations from raw materials in the highest regard, be it blade forged of metal or a poem writ of emotion. Beauties wrought with light, colour and sound are Her passions, and to these endeavours She now devotes Herself.

Not all creations are valued by Isune, however. Her painful experiences and losses during the Elder Wars have left Her with a lasting hatred for the Soulless and anything wrought or changed by their influence, considering them flawed and defaced works.

History and Facts

Isune sacrificed her essence in order to give Avechna the necessary power he needed at the time to free Viravain from the control of Kethuru. With Isune's sacrifice, Kethuru was one again sealed away, but Isune's essence was trapped behind the seal of Nature. Later on through the workings of Lacostian, she was later freed and restored, although afflicted in that all she could see around her was taint, whether or not it was actually around her. This same oddity was also seen in Viravain but in a way that Viravain could not see or sense any taint whatsoever, and so the two goddesses were told by Estarra that they required to work together to find a cure.

One day when Isune was attempting to assist to free Viravain, whom had been sucked into the Seal of Justice, an aftermath occurred in which the body of Isune contained both the spirit and essence of Isune and Viravain. After months of odd behavior the two goddesses left, in the same body, to Glomdoring and conversed amongst themself. They agreed to work together to try and find a way to fix the problem.

Isune and Viravain began a powerful ritual which if went wrong could destroy the entire Glomdoring, as the two Great Spirits of the Glomdoring, Night and Crow, gathered around the two goddesses, so did the Ebonglom Wyrm of the Glomdoring. The Ebonglom spun thick tendrils of webbing around the two Goddesses in the single body, the 2 great spirits, the ravenwood and even itself in a giant cocoon. Afterwards, mysterious black roses began to appear throughout the Glomdoring, that were plucked and absorbed by the cocoon.

Suddenly one day the cocoon opened forth and from it rose a great dark creature, who was created unintentionally by the magicks of Isune and Viravain. It was later known that the two goddesses attempted to change the forest to beautify and empower, instead they affected the taint on the forest itself. The taint was then absorbed by this creature and changed into something completely different called the "Wyrd of the Glomdoring", the word "Wyrd" meaning in Fae "a powerful event which changes the course of the Fates". Isune quickly left to the havens, begging for forgiveness and was not seen again for some time.

She was one day found once again by the newly risen at the time, Ayridion. She was discovered to be resting in a bed enclosed by a crystal shell by her own powers, for it seemed she wished to rest and would choose when she would be awoken. It was not until many a years later that Isune would contact mortals by being connected to their dreams, but it was seen that Isune was raging a war within herself amongst her pure side and wyrd side. She later dispersed her essence and left it up to the mortals to decide what she would become, and it was by the pushing of the ones of Celest that her pure shards were empowered and Isune returned to her normal state as the Aesthete, no longer having any connection to the wyrd.