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Guildmaster Allyrianne
Administrator Yatrius
Champion Synkarin
Patron Isune
Envoy Synkarin
Archetype Bard
Organization Hallifax

The Symphonium was founded just after the Era of the Wounded Sky in the year 315 C.E. when the Voice of Crys was held captive by the Ice Angels and used to help break the sky and amplify the power of the Soulless God Zenos. After taking refuge in the body of Professor Nann Baruwski while she was conducting experiments in harmonic audio fields, the Voice was finally lured out by Morshoth Windwhisper who sang the song he composed, titled "The Collectivist Crescendo". Since then, it was revealed that the Voice of Crys was somehow entwined with the soul of a mortal named Jilai, whom only the Voice of Crys can hear, though some believe they can hear Jilai when he sings. The Voice has taken residence in the Symphonium Opera House in Hallifax.

The Symphonium is a bard archetype guild. They can choose to follow either Lowmagic or Highmagic. Their main skill is Music with specialization in the operatic music of Loralaria; their secondary guild skill is Acrobatics. Members of this guild can choose between the skills of Tarot or Illusions.