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Quests By Area

Honour quests are one type of the longer, more involved quests that Lusternia has to offer. When you check someone's HONOURS, you'll often see a line at the end directing you to HONOURS FULL <person> and it's here where you may view all of the honours quests they have completed. As noted above, these range broadly in both difficulty and time to complete.

Honour quests may be done for a variety of reasons. Some yield rewards to help an organization or to hinder an opposing one. Some may be considered rites of passage for a certain characters. Many yield historical context in the game world, bits of information or secrets about the world of Lusternia that are available nowhere else. Most grant gold and karma rewards with some giving other personal blessings.

For a completionist, acquiring new honours will be a constant venture throughout one's play, and as you'll see, there are enough to keep one busy for a very long time.

Regarding level suggestions, bear in mind that some races and classes are more adept at hunting than others, and so outside of Newton Caverns these are all sweeping generalizations. If you know that you're out of your depth in a given area, grab a friend to help or return when you're a bit stronger.

Each organization has a prophecy quest associated with it, and a series of honours associated with the completion, leading up to the cycle of Epic Quests. Prophecy quests generally yield standard rhetoric associated with a given org. During times when that org or the Basin at large is in peril, they can be performed to glean valuable information about world-scale events. In addition to the organization quests, there are a couple of neutral-territory prophecy quests, which are not associated with epic quests.

Arthar'rt Observatory

Honours She sabotaged the experiment of Etil'ck Arthar'rt.

She aided Etil'ck Arthar'rt in his attempt to cleanse the taint.

Start Level 50+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. A mixture of hidden things with some time constraints, coupled with puzzling.
Notes Some influencing may be required to reach a starting point. There are no automatic enemy statuses, though Magnagora is known to not look kindly on those who are assisting Etil'ck Arthar'rt. You are able to complete both sides, if you wish. Be mindful of gravediggers in the Blasted Lands.
Reward Gold.

Arysian Isles

Honours She freed the gorgogs from their dimensional prison.

She helped seal the gorgogs behind the dimensional barriers.

Start Level 70+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. Expect to be repeatedly disrupted in this very popular hunting ground. Some middle to higher level hunting, with a lot of 'figuring out.'
Notes Vague directions are not really informative. Proceed on the assumption that the various side-quests in the area must be linked. Start point is clearer on the sealing the gorgogs side. The end result of freeing the gorgogs makes life difficult for city novices. Releasing the gorgogs is part of the Magnagoran epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold, releasing aggressive gorgogs throughout the seas.

Bubble of Bottledowns

Honours She rallied the Figurine Army and assisted in the invasion of the Facility.

She assisted the artisans of Bottledowns Village in stopping the Figurine Army.

Start Level 80+
Difficulty Medium. Straightforward but very long. Higher level hunting and influencing, hidden things, a shorter puzzle. Requires flying and aethership travel.
Notes Handing in items takes a painfully long time, but at least they update you (and at length) about your progress on the collection parts. There are two sides to this quest, and the toy army must be raised before they can be defeated. Definitely more enjoyable as a two-person venture, though not required. Rallying the figurine army begins at the Facility.
Reward Gold.

Cankermore Battlegrounds

Honours She marshaled the undead legions to victory, displacing the mold battalions.

She did lead the festering molds to overthrow the undead invaders of Cankermore.

Start Level 60+
Difficulty Medium. Clear starting points, some mid to higher level hunting coupled with a short strategy game.
Notes You can complete one side of this, or the other. Doing the second cancels out the first. A bit of interesting history is available upon completion. You'll need to win several battles before being awarded the honour, and your progress is saved indefinitely. The AI improves slightly with each successful victory, making it more challenging as you progress.
Reward Gold.

Carai Caroo

Honours She rescued the child Joiya from the machinations of Jeitara.

She did sacrifice the innocent Joiya, thus aiding Jeitara's schemes.

Start Level 30+
Difficulty Medium. The biggest part of the quest is a sudoku style puzzle, which can be arduous both in the solving and in inputting the solution.
Notes Others have noted that finding Carai Caroo in itself is a challenge. You'll need a waterbreathe enchant if you're not a Totems user. You can complete either or both sides of this quest without picking up any enemy statuses, though Celest has been known to enemy those who aid Jeitara. May require nominal planar travel.
Reward Kelpies, mutated or not, will flood the seas.

Caverns of the Hyfae

Honour She did aid Wise Lamella, and brought peace to the Hyfae of Tryko.
Start Level 65+
Difficulty Medium. Mid to higher level hunting and influencing coupled with puzzling.
Notes A neat little quest with a lot of good history available upon completion. There are some aggressive creatures in Tryko, though you're not required to kill them. A good bit of trekking through the tunnels of the undervault.
Reward Health, mana, ego blessing

Cay of Cloadahi

Honours He enacted the ritual of the Cay of Cloadahi, protecting the Inner Sea.

He foiled the ritual of the Cay of Cloadahi, releasing the lurkers of mist.

Start Level 70+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Mid to high tier hunting and influencing. Some puzzling.
Notes The two quests are very similar and very straightforward, if long. The starting points may be hardest to discover. Either side has some effect on the recurring Sea Battles which pertain to New Celest and Magnagora's epic quests, and either is like to be unhappy if the opposing side is being worked on or is completed, with New Celest known to enemy, be warned! A must-do for explorers.
Reward 5000 gold, and relevant aid for either side in the Sea Battles.

Chancel of Clangoran Mysteries

Honours He blessed the Altar of Clangorum and summoned forth the Flame Warriors.

He freed the Dwarven Kingdom from the clutches of the Dark Virago.

He aided the Dark Virago to take control of the Dwarven Kingdom.

He helped the Dark Virago banish the dwarven flame warriors.

Start Level 90+
Difficulty Difficult. More or less an org-level quest. High-level hunting, influencing, hidden things, a maze - a very fun quest for the seasoned veteran. Some bugs in the script which have been known to frustrate.
Notes There are a whopping four honour lines to be had in this area. Two opposite ones, each with a meaningful effect on the game world, and one each to undo these effects. Even the best bashers in the game will need to bring a buddy along for some parts, and the whole process is quicker if your buddy sticks around the whole time. A prime area with sporadic enemy territory rooms throughout - it's not really possible to complete the quest without getting enemy status somewhere. The 'good' side is a bit harder to complete, as its emphasis is more on influencing.
Reward Aiding the Dark Virago in taking control of the Dwarven Kingdom means that wave after wave of high-level, aggressive spawns will invade the dwarf villages. You will make the organizations who hold these villages angry if you do it. Summoning the Flame Warriors protects the dwarf miners from being converted to undeath in Angkrag. Though this effect is more subtle, the organization which holds Angkrag will be equally perturbed if they catch you at it, so fair warning! Decent gold throughout.

Clarramore Cloud Gardens

Honour She is an honorary staff member of staff at the Clarramore Cloud Gardens.
Start Level 60+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Some influence and hidden things, a fair bit of 'figuring out'.
Notes The most frustrating part of this quest may be in how quickly some denizens forget that you've given them things, so as a very helpful hint: hand in all the perfume components at once, rather than as you acquire them. A neat area to explore, particularly for trill players. It is part of the Hallifax epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold.

Czigany Wayfaire

Honour She witnessed the Rings of the Iron Lady performance of the Czigany Wayfaire.
Start Level 30+
Difficulty Medium. A little bit of influencing, a bit of hidden things, a whole lot of walking around, a maze puzzle.
Notes The Wayfaire is not a permanent area in Lusternia, and will only open during special events. It was first seen during Lusternia's 5 year anniversary. The quest is fairly easy once you've figured out what you have to do. Hidden things eventually do change positions, so if you search everywhere and something doesn't turn up, just try later. The quest is notably easy for many people to work at it simultaneously, so if you bring a friend you can work individually at the same time. The finale is really excellent, and the reward of course is fabulous. Dingbats are a one-time reward.
Reward Health, mana, and ego blessing, 25 dingbats.

Dramube Triangle

Honour She holds the position of Planar Trader at the Facility in the Aetherways.
Start Level 60+
Difficulty Difficult. Requiring mid to high level hunting, rudimentary math skills, and aetherflight.
Notes While possible to complete alone, bring a friend. Digging and flying are necessary, as well as a fair amount of aetherflying. Will require multiple times completing the same puzzle and this progress is saved indefinitely. Don't over think it, math geeks.
Reward Above average gold.


Honours She resurrected the Soulforge to reign terror upon the world once again.

She destroyed the Soulforge, ending its reign of terror.

Start Level 90+
Difficulty Difficult. An org-level quest with lots of high-level hunting, a bit of puzzling and figuring out.
Notes Resurrecting the Soulforge will require summoning and killing a supermob. The second line can only be gotten after the first is completed. It's rumoured that if the Soulforge stays up for a very long time there are a myriad of global effects which begin to occur... but don't expect it to last this long. While one or two people can definitely do a lot of it on their own, you will need more help at some points.
Reward Power for your organization's nexus at the expense of the cities'.


Honour She aided the gnomes of the Facility in a mysterious endeavor.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. The quest is not really difficult to initiate nor work on, largely hunting with a tiny measure of hidden things. It is extremely time-consuming with a seemingly inexplicable failure component.
Notes Progess on this quest is saved indefinitely, though saved by the quest, not by the person, so it's entirely possible to pick up where someone else left off. A good opportunity to share information about gnomes in general was missed here - the honour line more or less says it all.
Reward Gold.

Floating Island of the Forgotten

Honours She did save Aestra, the celestial pegasus, from the Cult of Legion.

She slew Aestra, the golden pegasus, and brought her heart to Morgfyre, the Legion.

Start Level 90+
Difficulty Medium.High level bashing, a bit of figuring out and hidden things, a maze.
Notes This is Hajamin's temple on the Isle of Light, parts of which are formally Celestian territory, though they tend to claim it all. The temple is pretty interesting to puzzle with, a small area full of pitfalls - one fatal. It may be helpful to bring a friend or two, and extra vials of mending and frost.
Reward If you save her, Aestra will follow you around for a bit. If you help Morgfyre, there's a blessing available if you've got access to prime Magnagora.


Honour She has crafted the Snowflake of Snoefaasia upon Frosticia.
Start Level 75+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. The quest is not tremendously hard, requiring mid-to-high level hunting, fairly easy hidden things, and an unfortunately long spate of influencing.
Notes The hunting portion goes faster with a group but the quest can easily be done solo; the influencing portion can only be done by one person at a time. The second half of the quest is 'locked,' that is, portions can only be done by the person who completed the first half. Doing this quest yields some interesting history with regard to the aetherbubble and its inhabitants.
Reward Gold.

Grey Moors

Honours She released the horrors of Castle Djarrakh onto an unsuspecting world.

She aided Ciarrus in sealing Castle Djarrakh for all time.

Start Level 40+
Difficulty Difficult. You're essentially given the end-goal and very little further direction in what is a fairly extensive series of subquests. A bit of low to mid level hunting. No puzzles, but fairly extensive amounts of 'figuring out'.
Notes The horrors of Castle Djarrakh are disappointingly non-horrible, but these must be released before Ciarrus may be aided. Neither quest resets until it is completed, so it's common enough to encounter it partially done. There's another, unrelated, non-honour quest in the area you're bound to encounter as you poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Moors.
Reward Gold. Releasing the horrors also offers a soulless curio and ikon.

Hallifax and Gaudiguch

Honours She used the Hand of Tzaraziko in an attempt to free Hallifax. (deprecated)

She used the Hand of Tzaraziko in an attempt to free Gaudiguch. (deprecated)

He has used the Hand of Tzaraziko to empower Hallifax.

He has used the Hand of Tzaraziko to empower Gaudiguch.

Saaga bears the singular honour:

She used the Hand of Tzaraziko, freeing the Lost City of Hallifax from time.

Kialkarkea bears the singular honour:

He used the Hand of Tzaraziko, freeing the Lost City of Gaudiguch from time.

Start Level 30+
Difficulty Difficult. The quests themselves are not difficult, it's the sheer volume of them which earns this rating. This is one of those quests that will take (real) days of effort to complete, and will be interrupted by the seasons, the occasional outbreak of Nomad versus Mesa fighting, or just lately, the utter decimation of one or both of these settlements resulting from a different quest. Oh, and there's a bit of puzzling towards the end.
Notes Three sets of lines, all for the same quest. The changes occurred with the rediscovery of Hallifax and Gaudiguch. A true test of questing dedication here. While these are known as the Hallifax and Gaudiguch quests, the bulk of the work is done in the Skarch Desert. These quests tend to be undertaken by Dracnari, Lucidian, and Trill players as something of a rite of passage, or by masochists of any race. They are also now a part of the Hallifax and Gaudiguch Epic Quests. Leave when it gets to motes.
Reward A full power node is created at the site of Hallifax or Gaudiguch which can be linked to or coned like an astral node, though without the monsters.

Hifarae Hills

Honours She did lower the veil over the Hifarae hills and release Gromagh's horde.

She did raise the veil over the Hifarae hills and drive back Gromagh's horde.

She did aid the centaurs of the Hifarae hills drive out Gromagh's horde.

Start Level 50+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Fairly straightforward, with a small bit of hunting coupled with hidden things and a simple puzzle.
Notes Not the easiest quest, but a decent introductory venture. There are three lines in this area, to "drive out" the horde, which prevents them from being released for a time, to "release" the horde, which creates lower level aggressive creatures in the near vicinity, and to "drive back" the horde, vanquishing them. Clear starting points and clear instructions. Part of the commune epic quest cycles.
Reward Gold throughout, releasing or banishing the horde.

Highway Waystations

Honours She is known as a Sous Chef of the Waystation Circuit.
Start Level 40+
Difficulty Medium-Easy. Though the quest is largely straightforward, it points to a number of lesser quest pieces in a variety of areas, a couple of which are in organization territory. Requires flying, swimming, and a shovel.
Notes A very cute quest which will have you roaming the basin, high and low. There are a couple of tricky parts, as well as a couple of ingredients that are restricted from gathering by time of day or time of year. The very nice thing about this quest is that multiple people can work on it at the same time, progress is saved for each individual, so you needn't worry about someone snagging the last piece and getting the honour and having all your work be reset. Asking about the specific ingredients is generally helpful, though sometimes acquiring them even with additional information is a quest in itself.
Reward A decent amount of gold throughout and a Waystation curio piece awarded with each dish turned in.

Inner Sea

Honours She summoned the spirit of Princess Marilynth to cleanse the Sea of Despair.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Medium. A relatively straightforward fetch and deliver quest, but one which is only open for completion during a small window of time following the victory of the dragon turtles over the seawolves in their recurring battles. Requires underwater swimming.
Notes A counterpart to the Sea of Despair quest, this one is part of the Celestian epic quest cycle. For those who happen upon this quest when it is available, it is a relatively simple venture. The challenge is in ensuring a victory of the dragon turtles. This becomes an organization-level undertaking with many parts that will usually be contested by players vying for a victory on the opposite side.
Reward Gold. Marilynth will sing prettily throughout the Sea of Despair, staving off any further sea battles and annoying Magnagorans until she is weakened and banished. It has been noted that banishing her may be slightly more difficult than banishing Ladantine, but raising her is slightly more difficult than raising Ladantine.

Kiakodan Nature Reserve

Honour She brought balance to the Kiakodan Reserve, preserving it for future generations.
Start Level 30+
Difficulty Medium. Low level hunting, some hidden things, a lot of 'figuring out'.
Notes There are four sub-quests to the larger quest, and your progress is kept indefinitely. Several unique mechanics to be found here. Requires swimming. Climbing is helpful. Some truly memorable denizens in this area. A lot of dialog-based solving. Slight chance of death.
Reward Gold, vernal ikon and curio

Kryden Valik

Honours She summoned a shadow of the Soulless God Crazen to possess the priestess Kiska.

She has freed the maiden Feyahi from the prison of the Kryden Valik.

Start Level 65+
Difficulty Difficult. Though straightforward in execution, these quests are mixtures of mid to high level hunting and influencing, coupled with some puzzles and require very fine timing in places.
Notes The two quests in this area can both be completed, despite the clear "good" and "bad" alignments. Assisting Feyahi requires visiting a different, high-traffic area so some patience may be required if the denizens you need to speak with have been killed. The Kiska side results in an encounter with a very strong, aggressive denizen.
Reward Gold. The Crazen side also offers a soulless curio and ikon.

Lirangsha Retreat

Honours He defeated the Last Goloth and thus kept the Heart of Shallah pure.

He resurrected a fragment of the Last Goloth in the Heart of Shallah.

Start Level 100+
Difficulty Difficult. A lot of high level bashing or influencing, plus boss fights (hard-hitting, high health) that some players may need help with, even at demi+ level.
Notes Like Mount Dio and Icewynd, the area is separate from the main continent and accessed via a mini-quest on prime. The quests in the area must be alternated between (you cannot resurrect something that has not yet been defeated and vice versa), but attempts to complete either side can be interrupted up to a point by simply beginning the opposing side. The quest has no global effects, but when the resurrection side is in-progress or completed, the area contains more denizens which are independently hunted/influenced by stronger players. If you need assistance with the boss fights, remember that it is the person who gets the final kill that gets the honours line.
Reward Gold, vernal or soulless curios (up to 4 on each side)

Malacoda Manor

Honours She did condemn the souls of Malacoda to their nightmare.

She did free the souls of Malacoda from their nightmare.

Start Level 90+
Difficulty Difficult. Mid to high level hunting required, coupled with hidden things, deductive reasoning, a cryptogram, and a fate game.
Notes Malacoda is an interesting but potentially frustrating area, spanning multiple planes. The lower levels are easy hunting but groups of spectres can hurt. Be sure to read the rules when you play the fate game, card values differ from the normal game. A lot of history here. Dealing with respawns gets taxing. Best to do all the figuring out that you can before you begin solving, as timing may require you to do handins twice. This is a part of Celest's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold.

Manifestation of Mother Moon

Honour She assisted the Priestess Ysun in venerating the essence of Moon.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Straight forward, a bit of observational skill and a smattering of influence and hunting required and one arduous puzzle.
Notes Lower level people may need someone to help with the influencing bit, it's a very small portion. Not exactly an org-specific quest, but usually only done by those of Serenwilde. Use caution, successive mistakes become increasingly painful. Nearly a mirror image to the quest on the Night Bubble. This is a part of Serenwilde's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold, and a temporary portal is created near the Faethorn archway in the Ethereal forest.

Manifestation of Mother Night

Honour She aided Mother Night's descent onto the Throne of Darkness.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Straight forward, a bit of observational skill and a smattering of influence and hunting required and one arduous puzzle.
Notes Lower level people may need someone to help with the influencing bit, it's a very small portion. Not exactly an org-specific quest, but usually only done by those of Glomdoring. Use caution, successive mistakes become increasingly painful. Nearly a mirror image to the quest on the Moon Bubble. This is a part of Glomdoring's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold, and a temporary portal is created near the Faethorn archway in the Ethereal forest.

Meliashmora of Imperial Secrets

Honour She has completed the story of Merenir, the Aspiring Hero.

She has completed the story of Alodale, the Villainous Lord.

Start Level 75+
Difficulty Medium. A relatively straightforward quest. If you've having trouble getting started, make sure you aren't ignoring any methods of communication. Requires some mid-to-high-level hunting, hidden things, a puzzle-ish sort of thing, and some mentally scarring influencing.
Notes The enemies at the very beginning and very end can be painful for those of mid-to-high levels of squish; a friend or two can be very helpful. There are two paths you can take, but both begin the same way. You get a different reward depending upon whether you choose to aid the protagonist or the antagonist. While a friend can help with the influencing, they must be of the same gender as you, or else the accouterments won't work properly.
Reward Gold, and either the True Crown of D'varsha (allows listening to tell) or the Sulfurous Spear of Abyssal Torment (a weapon).

Honour She has completed the story of Queen Serelyn, the Righteous Mother.
Start Level 75+
Difficulty Difficult. Lots of puzzling, very hidden objects, some influencing.
Notes Finding this quest is a quest in itself, and the first section offers a few opportunities for instant and horrible death as you figure things out. Walk it off. The scenes that play out once you get toward the end are incredibly well done, absolutely worth the effort.
Reward Lore, exploration, and an eagle that will follow you around and offer additional bodyguard-like (See Beastmastery) support.

Mount Dio

Honour She destroyed the healing energies emanating from the Spire of Dionamus.

He restored the Spire of Dionamus, spreading healing energies across Lusternia.

Start Level 80+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. High level bashing, hidden things, easier puzzles, a lot of 'figuring out'. Requires digging.
Notes The start point for destroying the spire is easier to find than it is in restoring it, but both sides in general contain no small amount of blind prodding until you figure out what all these parts you receive are for. It's good to do this quest with a friend, both to help with the bashing and because one portion requires you to be in two places at once. You can easily tell if the spire is active by the pinkish global messages at dusk and dawn, or by checking your defenses.
Reward Repairing the spire offers a vernal ikon and curio. Repairing gives +1 regeneration during daylight to everyone except those who are undead (Lich) or imbued with Dark Spirit (Crow). Instead, these people are stripped of 1 level of regeneration during daylight, though this doesn't go less than zero. Destroying the spire cancels this effect.

Mount Zoaka

Honour She hatched a dragon egg at Mount Zoaka, birthing a magnificent wyrmling.
Start Level 40+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. A little bit of lower level hunting, a lot of timed puzzling. Some higher planar travel.
Notes A Dracnari favorite. There are many parts to the quest, but it's easy enough to accomplish on one's own. Clear steps to completion. A very neat area to explore. This is a part of Gaudiguch's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold, exploration.


Honour She procured new hosts for the slivven parasites.
Start Level 80+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. Doing this one with a friend is a good idea. The quest is more arduous than brain-wracking, with high-level bashing and a lot of aetherflying. Unfortunately, a certain combination of artifacts can bring the difficulty level way down.
Notes Straightforward, if high-level, fetch and deliver quest. Bring an empath (or a pilot, if you're an empath) who can double as someone to hit the marshworm while you're off-balance. Need to be able to fly and dig.
Reward The nigh-irresistable urge to watch the movie "Alien", gold.

Honour She restored the might of the fink military.
Start Level 70+
Difficulty Medium. There is one high level, aggressive creature around, though the quest does not require that you kill it. A fair mix of hunting and influencing as well as finding hidden places and things.
Notes The finks, particularly the attendants, are just plain adorable. There can be a bit of frustration when training the would-be champions. Keep in mind that the tracking is cumulative, so you do not have to train all three in one sitting - you can return to the bubble any time to resume working on this, though you will have to do the preliminary part over again. Being able to fly is helpful. Must be able to dig.
Reward Gold.

Newton Caverns

Honours She has earned the title of Savior to the Gnomes.

She has earned the title of Hero to the Finks.

Start Level 1-31
Difficulty Easy-Medium. A great introduction to questing, though by no means the easiest Lusternia has to offer. Pay attention to the denizens you meet - they're not all there simply for hunting. For a start point, if it seems like you should be able to help someone, you probably can. Jump in anywhere and you'll piece it together as you go.
Notes Once you reach level 31, you'll be unable to return to Newton Caverns, so start early! There are two honours quests in this area, and you'll be able to complete both if you wish. The quests are similar, but by no means identical. Before level 10, you'll have unlimited PORTALS, make use of them.
Reward Gold.

Presidio of the Damned

Honour She ruthlessly assassinated the noble traitor at the Presidio of the Damned.
Start Level 55+
Difficulty Medium. Hidden things, deductive reasoning, and a small bit of mid-level hunting.
Notes The progress from this quest is kept, so you might encounter it untouched, or at any stage of completion, and it can be difficult to jump in. Though seemingly geared towards Magnagorans (there's a good amount of information pertaining to the noble houses), it's by no means exclusive to members of this org, and completing it doesn't help them in any way.
Reward Gold.

Project Eternity

Honour She infused the Throne of Urlach with Light, completing Project Eternity.

He restored the Throne of Urlach, unleashing its dark powers.

Start Level 80+
Difficulty Medium. Higher level hunting, hidden things, a logic puzzle, a square puzzle, and some influencing.
Notes Both sides of the quest are identical right until the very last part where you can solve the puzzle one way for the 'light' side, and the opposite way for the 'dark'. Undead cave fishers are annoying, you may wish to bring a friend to help bash them. The logic puzzle is quite easy if you collect all the clues.
Reward A notable health/mana/ego blessing available to multiple people depending on which way it was solved. If the dark side, it is available only to undead, if the light side, anyone else.

Scorpion Caverns

Honour She woke the Old Ones and restored connection to Grandmother Scorpion.
Start Level 75+
Difficulty Difficult. Higher level hunting and influencing, hidden things, time constraints, and a puzzle.
Notes Players from Glomdoring and from the Nekotai in particular have an interest in completing this quest. A lot of interesting information about Grandmother Scorpion to be gleaned. Having a friend along to help in some sections is necessary for all but the most efficient hunters. This is a prophecy quest.
Reward Gold, prophecy.

Sea of Despair

Honour She did release the ship of the dead to plague the Inner Sea.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Medium. While the quest itself is incredibly simple, it only opens for completion during a small window of time following the victory of the seawolves over the dragon turtles in their recurring battles. Requires underwater swimming.
Notes Part of the Magnagoran epic quest cycle. For the lucky few who happen across this quest when it's open, it is a simple fetch and deliver which can be completed in a matter of minutes. For those involved in winning the sea battle to set this up, it becomes an organization-level endeavour that is significantly more complicated and will be hotly contested. New Celest will not be pleased with anyone working on this quest in any capacity.
Reward Gold. Ladantine and the ship of the dead will float around the inner sea corrupting it and preventing further sea battles from occurring until they are weakened and banished.

Shallamurine Cathedral

Honour She awakened what lay sleeping within the Shallamurine Cathedral.
Start Level 55+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. Some easy hunting, hidden things and a challenging logic puzzle, but more or less straightforward in the doing.
Notes Reaching Shallamurine is a mini-quest in itself. A really great area to explore for game history. The priestesses have no connection to any organization, and the result of this quest reflects that. This is a part of Magnagora's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold, ego blessing, awakening Marani Veloske.

Snow Valley

Honours She did help summon the Great Cat Spirit to aid the Igasho Tribe of Hhuhur.

She has aided the Kyrian tribe in curing their children.

Start Level 60+
Difficulty Medium. With straightforward starting points, these quests each consist of mid to high level hunting paired with a nominal amount of information acquiring.
Notes Either or both of these quests can be completed in this area. There is a fair degree of overlap in terms of the tasks which must be done. Requires the ability to fly and suggested use of a levitation enchantment. Scaling may also be used in part. Yodeleh HE hoo.
Reward Gold.

Spectre Isle

Honour She has scribed the tales of old Celest into the Tome of Remembrance.
Start Level 21+
Difficulty Easy. A bit of hidden things coupled with a simple puzzle.
Notes The biggest challenge in this area might be finding it when it's not hunted out. The quest has no hunting, but does require interacting with denizens used in Magnagora's power quest. Those who aren't able to visit Magnagora for the ferry will need to swim to visit the island. This is a part of Celest's epic quest cycle.
Reward Gold.

Tainted Broadcasting Centre

Honour She aided Norchatine in the repair of the Tainted Broadcasting Centre.
Start Level 80+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. Though fairly straightforward once you get started, this quest is a good mix of high-level bashing, influencing, and puzzling. If you can get into the TBC, you can probably handle the denizens you must kill during the quest.
Notes Serenwilde and Celest do not permit their members to do this quest. Upon completion, all nexii but your own org's will be subject to what some consider a very annoying level of extra spam, and on top of that, everyone will know that you caused it. Despite having no counter, this is considered a conflict quest, and it is not unheard of for fighting to break out if anyone finds out you're attempting it.
Reward Gold, and access to bards, scholars, and pilgrims by anyone in your org. Members of other organizations will not be able to lead these wanderers.

Tolborolla Valley

Honour She helped Tolborolla tae'dae and furrikin contact Ackleberry.
Start Level 21+
Difficulty Easy. A smidgen of low level hunting coupled with hidden things. An emphasis on timing, but designed for novices.
Notes Requires swimming. There are some low quantity collection tasks, which can get slightly frustrating. Keep in mind that the quest generally won't take more than two hours, on the absolute outside, to complete. This is a prophecy quest.
Reward Gold, prophecy. Influencers will also be able to get a about thirty lumber on completion.

Toronada Tidal Flats

Honour She did aide the dragon turtles, saving a lost kin in the Toronada tidepools.
Start Level 22-30+
Difficulty Medium-Easy. A clear starting point, with some hunting throughout. The steps are mostly straightforward, and the quest is largely in figuring out how to complete these tasks. A good introduction to learning how to get information from denizens, both sentient and non.
Notes There are multiple quests in this area, though only one gives an honor. There are some aggressive creatures encountered during the quest, though they do not break shields. Be able to cure deafness, broken limbs, and paralysis when fighting the denizens in this area. Despite having to do with dragon turtles, this quest has no tangible impact on any organization.
Reward Gold.

Tosha Monastery

Honour She passed the challenges of the Tosha Monastery.
Start Level 70+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Very straightforward hunting/hand in quest. The medium designation is only in the difficulty of some of the creatures you encounter in the latter part.
Notes A very popular quest with a useful reward. You are able to do a lot of the preparation work ahead of time that you may complete it when you wish. While the first stage hunting is easy, do not underestimate the second stage. Bring a friend if you like, though make sure you are the one who gets the killing blows.
Reward Health, mana, and ego blessing.

Upper Peaks

Honours She summoned a mirror army to annihilate the Dracnari Nomad Camp.

She summoned a mirror army to wipe out the Mesa Compound.

Start Level 60+
Difficulty Easy. A simple mixture of hidden things, hunting, and puzzling. Very straightforward.
Notes Flying is required for either side. Some higher level hunting might be required to start the quest. There are two upper peaks areas, one in the Southern Mountains, one in the Razines. The two quests are very similar. You can only complete one side or the other, doing a second cancels out the first. Part of the epic quest cycles for Hallifax and Gaudiguch.
Reward Gold, and as the honor indicates, the ability to vanquish all the regular denizens in either the Mesa or Nomad Camp, replacing them with higher-level, non-aggressive mirror army denizens.

Verasavir Valley

Honours She assisted Kravch to bring vengeance upon the taurians of Verasavir Valley.

She helped the shaman Rynak vanquish the ghost-wolves of Verasavir Valley.

Start Level 30+
Difficulty Easiest. Very simple quests which might offer an introduction to denizens which team up against you. Mostly hunting with some hidden things and hidden locations.
Notes There are two honors quests in this area, and doing either side will get you enemied to the opposing faction. For the ghost wolves, this means little, but for the taurians, it will inhibit you from doing other quests. A good time to learn about amnesty. These quests are part of the epic quest cycles in the communes.
Reward Gold, and the temporary disappearance of denizens from the opposing faction.

Village of Acknor

Honour In Acknor, she helped the orcs raise a new chieftain.
Start Level 40+
Difficulty Difficult. This quest was once so easy that it had to be changed. It earns this rating because it requires killing loyal denizens in player-org territory. Otherwise, it is a mix of commodities quests, hidden things, and acquiring information on the order of 'easy'.
Notes Depending on who controls it, Acknor may or may not practice slaving. This state of affairs can be altered when the controlling city or commune leader speaks to the new chieftain on the day this quest is completed. Failed attempts will result in an angry orc.
Reward Gold, opportunity to change slaving status in the village.

Village of Angkrag

Honour She is a Slave Master of Angkrag.
Start Level 1+
Difficulty Easy. A fun little puzzle requiring no hunting or influencing.
Notes Like other villages, Angkrag can be under the political influence of a player-run organization which may or may not welcome you in its borders. CONFIG MAPVIEW ON is quite useful. Similar to Dairuchi, you'll complete the task several times before gaining the honour with your progress saved indefinitely. The very proud will wish to ensure the village is empty before attempting, as the fail messages are rather unkind!
Reward Gold, increased steel production in the village.

Village of Dairuchi

Honour She is an Honourary Shepherd of the Rocks.
Start Level 1+
Difficulty Easy. Solving a simple maze in a world without the game map. An enjoyable puzzle in itself, you may wish to get out a paper and pencil.
Notes Dairuchi is a village which can be under the political influence of a player-run organization, meaning that the org you belong to may not be welcome by whichever one currently controls Dairuchi. To earn the honour, you'll be completing the small puzzle several times. Your progress is remembered indefinitely.
Reward Gold, increased marble production for the village.

Village of Delport

Honour She is the Matchmaker, having brought lovers together at the Chateau d'Amour.
Start Level 30+
Difficulty Easy. Very straightforward with a clear start point. Requires a bit of hiking around doing village commodities quests as well as some hidden things.
Notes Delport is a village which can be under the political influence of a player-run organization, meaning that the org you belong to may not be welcome by whichever one currently controls Delport.
Reward Gold.

Village of Estelbar

Honour She is an honoured Caregiver to the tae'dae cubs in Estelbar.
Start Level 30+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. Your choice of influence or doing commodities quests to acquire some things you need. Another mix of hidden things coupled with deductive reasoning, and perhaps a smidgen of guess work.
Notes Like other villages, Estelbar can be under the political influence of a player-run organization which may or may not welcome you in its borders, though the cause of helping these adorable sick cubs has been known to melt hard hearts.
Reward Gold.

Village of Ixthiaxa

Honour He is a Servant of the Stones, having served the Overmind of Ixthiaxa.
Start Level 1+
Difficulty Medium-Hard. A fairly challenging peg-solitaire puzzle.
Notes Similar to Angkrag and Dairuchi, solving the puzzle several times yields the honour. The syntax for solving isn't precisely clear, so to save you a few minutes' ire, there are two - MOVE (direction) and SKIP|BOUNCE (direction) - the directions being up, down, left, right. Be warned! While there is no level requirement to get started or work on the puzzle, failure results in an aggressive, loyal denizen. Shield first, and you should have time to escape if you're quick.
Reward Gold.

Village of Paavik

Honour She did put the spirits of Paavik manor to rest.
Start Level 1+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. A good exercise in both hidden things and acquiring information. Timing is important. The particulars are literally written down for you.
Notes Like other villages, Paavik can be under the political influence of a player-run organization which may or may not welcome you in its borders. The story which unfolds as you work to complete this quest is macabre at its most delightful. Another quester recommends: if you find the cane, be sure to THWAP someone while holding it!
Reward Gold.

Village of Rikenfriez

Honour She is a Master of Ice-picking in the Village of Rikenfriez.
Start Level 15+
Difficulty Easy-Medium. The most difficult part of the quest seems to be finding it in the village. There is also a large factor of luck to contend with.
Notes As with other village quests, current political influence may come to play in your ability to hang around working on the quest or trying to find it in the first place. Thankfully this village is out of the way, so you're not as likely to get caught as in the nearer villages. Similar to other village quests as well in that it's one puzzle you must repeat a number of times before gaining the honour. Unlike other quests of this type, you are not explicitly told this, thus, the helpful writer of this guide is telling you. Just keep doing it! Some issues with finding the correct syntax. Consider the words 'with' and 'on'.
Reward A pittance of gold.

Village of Shanthmark

Honour She brought harmony of mind to the Shanthmark Lodge.
Start Level 30+
Difficulty Medium. Hidden things, commodities quests and deductive reasoning, this one can take a bit of time to complete.
Notes Like other villages, Shanthmark can be under the political influence of a player-run organization which may or may not welcome you in its borders. Search for crystals last, so they don't start respawning on you.
Reward Gold, notable karma.

Village of Stewartsville

Honour She solved the mysterious murder at Stewart Mansion.
Start Level 50+
Difficulty Easy. The hardest part of this quest is often considered to be getting the opportunity to begin, given its popularity. A good exercise in both finding hidden things and deductive reasoning.
Notes Like other villages, Stewartsville can be under the political influence of a player-run organization which may or may not welcome you in its borders. Though no hunting is required, the level requirement is noted a bit higher, as it is possible to encounter an aggressive denizen should your sleuthing falter. You can fight this perpetrator off, or simply run away and wait for it to leave before having another go.
Reward Gold.

Villages of Rockholm and Southgard

Honour She is known to the dwarves as Kingmaker
Start Level 40+
Difficulty Difficult. This is an organization-level quest. Low to higher level hunting is required throughout, coupled with wide knowledge of the prime material plane.
Notes Though low level people can certainly help with this quest, they will not be able to kill all of the various types of creatures which may be required. While the hunting parts are generally in non-enemy prime territory, it is common enough for pvp to occur during the quest.
Reward The village which hosts the king of the dwarves will also be host to all of the dwarf miners (excluding any which may be in Angkrag), essentially ending commodities production in the opposing village, and boosting production in its own.

Waste Storage Facility

Honour She helped the viscanti guards of the Gutter seal away their secret.

She freed the prisoners of the Gutter, uncovering lost secrets.

Start Level 90+
Difficulty Difficult. High level bashing.
Notes Both sides are fairly straightforward and involve killing a whole lot of zombies. The area has at least one pitfall, and even strong bashers can get overwhelmed by aggressive spawns if you are not careful. This is a popular bashing and influencing area, and the quest is often left nearly-complete on one side or the other.
Reward A very cool lore. For helping the guards, a HME blessing. For freeing the prisoners, a single-use instant transport device. Freeing the prisoners is literal. A few dozen aggressive zombies appear along the Ackleberry Highway, and will continue to spawn until they are contained by the counter quest.

Workshop of Xion

Honour She has restored the ancient workshop of Xion to functionality.
Start Level 80+
Difficulty Difficult. Higher level hunting coupled with multiple instances of three types of puzzle.
Notes Generally regarded as one of the most difficult quests, given the puzzles, though largely straightforward. Frequent complaints revolve around timing issues, as the puzzles can take a while to solve. Xion is sometimes a conflict area. It is fairly difficult to travel here, though transplanar contrivances have mitigated that a bit.
Reward Temporary access to one of the elemental planes from a location of your choice on prime.