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Getting started

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • MediaWiki FAQ
  • If you need to include a pipe character inside of a template, replace the pipe with the magic word {{!}}

What needs doing?


  • For now, the focus should be on having every dead link fixed up with something. This can be a copy of the in-game help file. Use the {{HelpCopy}} template at the bottom of each copied page.
    • Actually, be careful when tackling Wanted Pages. Many terms end up on the list not because the wiki is missing an article, but because it is being linked to in a new way. In those cases, consider whether the term should become a new redirect or if you should just edit the irregular link on the necessary page(s).


  • Please Write edit summaries. It makes reviewing changes easier and helps chroniclers understand why your change was made.
  • Category naming: Names of topic categories should be singular (Geography, Planescape, Aetherspace) and names of set categories should be plural (Demon Lords, Points of Interest).
  • You can add letters to the end of link text for plurals or possessives: [[Vernal God]]dess [[Kiakoda]]'s will correctly display the text while linking to the pages that are in the brackets.
  • Avoid using the words "tribe" and "tribal" in keeping with Announce #3215.

Templates to know

Templates help with standardization and maintenance of the wiki. They also greatly condense otherwise repetitious formatting. Use these whenever they apply.

  • AB Template is used throughout the skill pages to document each ability's syntax, cost, effect, etc.
    • Sub Template is closely related; used for when additional syntax or costs are mentioned later in a skill description.
  • Area Template should be used for every page in the Wiki that concerns an in-game area.
  • News Template is for linking to MUD news boards, primarily Announce and Events.