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Getting started

What needs doing?

  • Check and update all Skills pages.
  • Create new field in AB template: effects, and readjust skill listings accordingly.
  • Check and update the Affliction and Defense pages.
  • Fill out Style Guide.
  • Generate templates:
    • DefenseTemplate
  • Update/Rewrite:
    • Equipment
    • Beasts
    • Influencing
    • Hunting
    • Newbie Guide
  • Races
  • More information about each of the organizations in general
  • New/Fixed Art on all pages


  • Until further notice, I'm abolishing the 'Adventurers' subheading. Creating pages on existing characters can get sticky, let's avoid it for now.
  • For now, the focus should be on having every dead link fixed up with something. This can be a copy of the in-game help file. Use the {{HelpCopy}} template at the bottom of each copied page.