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Afflictions are a complex interlocking system of (mostly) detrimental effects inflicted by adventurer combat abilities and more powerful denizens. They are grouped according to how they are cured.

Mental Afflictions (Drink Lucidity Slush)

addiction clumsiness paranoia temporaryinsanity
allergies confusion recklessness
anorexia epilepsy sensitivity
ataxia hallucinations stupidity

Spiritual Afflictions (Smoke Soothing Steam)

achromaticaura disloyalty jinx powerspikes
aeon egovice luminosity slickness
cloudcoils healthleech manabarbs timewarp
deaf holyfire pacifism warpedaura

Internal Afflictions (Eat, Purity Dust)

asthenia deathmark haemophilia powersap scabies
asthma dysentery infestation pox shivering
blind frostbite paralysis relapsing sickening
clot frozen particulates rigormortis vomiting

Physical Afflictions (Apply, Restorative Ice)

ablaze damagedleftarm damagedrightleg mutilatedleftarm
burns damagedleftleg damagedskull mutilatedleftleg
collapsedlung damagedorgans damagedthroat mutilatedrightarm
crushedchest damagedrightarm internalbleeding mutilatedrightleg

Restrictive Afflictions (Writhe)

clampedleftarm entangled hoisted
clampedrightarm gored impaled
crucified grapple transfixed

Timed Afflictions (automatically expire)

amorous corruptionmark ectoplasm paradox
batbane crystalspire herbbane rainbowpattern
bentaura damnationmark hypnoticpattern snakebane
blackout darknessmark omen stun
chronicloop despairmark oracle succumb
concussion echoes painmark timeechoes

Uniquely Cured Afflictions (various cure methods)

amnesia asleep disrupted enfeeble fear lust sprawled

Cleanse Cured Afflictions (cleanse/scrub)

mucus muddy