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The Influence skillset is a way of earning gold and experience without the usual method of killing denizens. Because it does not involve killing, influencing also does not typically result in being branded an enemy of a loyal denizen's organization. Influencing also gives one esteem, which, when imbued in figurines (or a wonderbrazier), can be offered to Divine or sold to other adventurers.

Newton Caverns

  • Recommended Skill: Begging
  • Recommended Level: 1+

The Newton Caverns are perfect for young adventurers who have just stepped through the Portal of Fate and are looking to get a feeling for influencing without too much risk to their egos. Scattered throughout the caves are a plentiful supply of both finks and gnomes who will only do trace amounts of damage to your self-image.

Lolliprin Valley

  • Recommended Skill: Begging
  • Recommended Level: 1+

Lolliprin Valley is beautiful location that the gnomes and finks of Newton Caverns are both working to reach. If you or another assists them, you will gain access through one of two portals. Living here are a group of sentient mushrooms, who shouldn't prove too much more of a challenge than the finks and gnomes you left behind.

Smoke Mountain

  • Recommended Skill: Begging
  • Recommended Level: 1+

Smoke Mountain is located just east of Lolliprin Valley. Here you will find a group of ferocious finks that should prove easy prey for your sharp tongue.

Top of Smoke Mountain

  • Recommended Skill: Begging
  • Recommended Level: 5+

Through assisting either Momma Mia or the Ant Queen, you can gain access to the top of Smoke Mountain, where armor clad finks and gnomes have committed to a fierce battle. Despite their violent streaks, you should be able to draw their attention with your determination.


  • Recommended Skill: Supplication
  • Recommended Level: Unnamed Denizens 5+, Named Denizens 15+

Home to many furrikin, nearly everyone in the village is quite friendly, and more than willing to help you out with whatever they can spare. The exceptions to this are the farmers, whose trade has made them a bit greedy.

Tosha Monastery

  • Recommended Skill: Charity
  • Recommended Level: Unnamed Denizens 30+, Named Denizens 50+

Monks here are studying and rather wealthy to the right sort of persuasion. For charity battles it helps to look very poor and have low prestige. The Monastery is a good place for those fresh out of Newton to beg for coin or gain influence in general.