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In common parlance a "system" is a set of triggers, aliases, buttons, etc. for a MUD client (such as Nexus, Mudlet, zMUD, CMUD, or MUSHclient) which handle certain elements of combat automatically or semi-automatically. Commonly they will handle curing, and may also handle action queueing, offense, highlighting important situations, and handling the spam of combat. Some people develop their own; others download free systems or buy systems for credits. Here are some systems tailored for Lusternia:

  • Vadi's MM - for Mudlet. This system was formerly a paid system (60 cr) but has since been converted to a free version. More details: M&M Open Source Announcement
  • Ethelon's AG2.0 - for MUSHclient, 25cr plus 10cr per plugin. Outdated at this time.
  • Catarin's LSS - free system for CMUD, outdated, no support currently available.