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Divine beings are ageless entities with powers to shape and reshape Lusternian reality far beyond the means of mortals, who are (with the exception of humans) themselves shards of gods. Many divinities source their power from the immanidivinus or excoroperditio energies.

Kinds of Deities

Soulless Gods

Even Estarra, with all Her power and presence, cannot defeat the ancient Soulless Gods without destroying all worlds, so they represent a constant, underlying threat to the fabric of creation. However, so long as they remain bound by the Nine Seals, the threat of the Soulless is abated.

Elder Gods

Having come into being at the time before time, the Elder Gods represent powerful forces in their own right. However, they could not stand against the Soulless Gods and were either consumed, fragmented their beings into the mortal races, or fled the known realms. This was known as the Elder Wars. With the Coming of Estarra, the Elder Gods are slowly returning.

Vernal Gods

Where the Elder Gods were defeated against the Soulless, the mortals were born from the fragmentation of a few Elder Gods. The mortal races carried on this war and created great nexuses of power from which they were able to raise their own to great power. These were the Vernal Gods. Eventually, the Vernal Gods were able to trap the Soulless behind Nine Seals, though they had to sacrifice themselves to do so.

The path to Vernal Godhood is now closed, sealed by Ayridion, of the White Flame, who sacrificed His divinity to tear a gulf between the Divine Realms of the Domoth and Immanidivinus, and in so doing saved the Basin from the evil which afflicted it. (See Events #101)

Though the path to Vernal Divinity cannot be trod, mortals may still rise as Vernal Ascendants. Utilising vast reserves of power, Cities and Communes may channel their Nexi upon chosen mortals, raising them to the quasi god-hood of Ascension.

Ascended Gods

Once every generation, the Nine Seals which imprison Almighty Kethuru, greatest of the Soulless Gods, must be renewed by the essence and power of a mortal - for it was mortals who first imprisoned the Great Old One. The power of this renewal was once such that he who wielded it could rise as an Ascended God. The first and last mortal to ascend in this manner was Soll Peulus, who became the God Ayridion. However, by Ayridion's actions, this way was forever barred. Those who follow his path rise now as True Ascendants.

The Divine Pantheon

Name Sex Status Fame
No or Unknown Circle
Ayridion M Dead The White Flame. First Ascendant; His death opened the path to the Domoths.
Dynara F Merged The Creator. Failed attempts became Soulless; with the Son of Yudhe's help, discovered secrets of souls; became part of Estarra.
Elostian M Dead The Enigma. Merger of Elcyrion and Lacostian.
Estarra F Whole The Eternal. Melding of Dynara and Magnora in the Void. Freed by Roark.
The Fates F Whole Claim to exist wherever the weave of creation is.
Havi ? ? Disappearance associated with Drocilla. (Book of Igaso)
Luriki F ? Part of the last group to flee to the Void. (Book of Bollikin)
Magnora F Merged The Destroyer. Used Soulless as Handmaidens; became part of Estarra.
Morshaq ? ? Disappearance associated with Drocilla. (Book of Igaso)
Quarilia F Dead Mate of Igaso; Was killed by the Twelve Traitors.
Sior M Whole The Anomaly.
Son of Yudhe M Human Taught Dynara secret of creating souls; lost in the void; sharded into humans according to [[1]] (some doubt this).
Valtreth M Whole Majesty of the Dawn. Merger of Eventru and Lyreth.
Yudhe n/a Missing The first being, now missing.
First Circle: Mediators and Leaders
Allinvia F Dead Mentioned in the Book of Trillillial.
Amberle F Dead Sister-mate of Meridian; greeted Soulless in peace, was devoured by them.
Aslarn M Aslaran Oversaw Sixth and Seventh Circles; oversaw war preparations during Elder Wars; one of the last ten Firsts.
Auginorus ? ? One of the last ten Firsts.
Carsini ? Dead Oversaw the hamadhi with Eventru following the catastrophic Daath Sequence. Devoured & impersonated by Nohaji.
Czixi F Whole One of the last ten Firsts. Designed the Divine Formations, including the catastrophic Daath Sequence.
Dalthea ? ? One of the last ten Firsts.
Eventru M Merged Crown of the Exalted. Once a friend of Fain's, and believed to have supported Him during the Betrayal, Eventru now bears great enmity towards Fain. Critically wounded, He merged His essence with that of Lyreth to become Valtreth.
Fain M Whole Of the Red Masque. One of the last ten Firsts; called Traitor and banished to the Void for propagating His Soulless elixir, among other crimes; went insane in the Void. Despises elfen, merian and kephera. Leader of the Twelve Traitors.
Meridian M Merian One of the last ten Firsts; led efforts against Fain and the Soulless; one of the first to splinter. Mate of Amberle.
Migana ? ? Oversaw projects of the Fourth and Fifth Circles.
Mythramus ? Dead Oversaw projects of the Sixth and Seventh Circles.
Olm ? ? One of the last ten Firsts.
Strom ? Dead Oversaw projects of the Sixth and Seventh Circles.
Shairim ? ? One of the last ten Firsts; ally of Aslarn.
Zvoltz M Whole One of the last ten Firsts; brother of Mysrai, His opposing fondness of order led Him to organise the Elders into the Circles known today.
Second Circle: Warriors
Braun ? ? Member of the Crimson Eyes. Opposed Fain's elixir.
Galantine ? Dead Consumed by Illith.
Gruenella F ? Known as Bloody Gruenella, also called Guen. Enjoyed pure destruction and mayhem. Part of Loboshi's cadre, the Grey Furies; one of the Twelve Traitors.
Hajamin M Dead The Golden Lord. Protected Viravain while they were in the Void; consumed and later impersonated by Morgfyre.
Ivanko ? ? The Cruel. Enjoyed torturing and causing pain; one of the Twelve Traitors.
Igaso F Igasho Member of the Crimson Eyes, mate of Quarilia. She was able to resist Drocilla's influencing power.
Kalikai F Whole The Crimson Eye. Enjoys freedom, individuality and battle strategy; gives everyone nicknames. Her planning lead to the fall of the Twelve Traitors.
Krokano M Krokani His formation lead assault on Soulless. Blinded from a battle with Crazen. Malmydia healed his sight, giving him a single, giant eye.
Loboshi F Loboshigaru Mate of Volkh; beloved of the wolves; an adjunct to Orlachmar.
Malik ? ? A loner who did not join a cadre.
Morgfyre M Whole The Legion. Survived the Void by hunting down and consuming other gods. Was a member of the Golden and Second Circles originally. One of the Twelve Traitors.
Ologri M ? Member of the Crimson Eyes; brother-mate to Oovanti.
Oovanti M Dead Destroyed by Daath Sequence; member of the Crimson Eyes; brother-mate to Ologri.
Orlachmar M Orclach Fatally wounded by Illith; restored and strengthened, but also dramatically changed, by Fain's Elixir.
Panamandius ? ? Member of the Crimson Eyes.
Shikari M Whole The Predator. Loner with no cadre in Second Circle. Brother of Viravain; protected Glomdoring.
Slaay ? ? The Hidden. Named "the Hidden" for His spying and other clandestine activities. Led a formation against the Soulless; one of the Twelve Traitors.
Tauro F Taurian Resisted Keph's psychic powers; worked with Mugowumpois to record the Verses of Magnora.
Terentia F Whole The Even-Bladed. Was a Lieutenant of Meridian; returned after expedition into the void
Thax M Whole The Machine. Led a formation against the Soulless; part of Loboshi's cadre, the Grey Furies; used Fain's Elixir; wounded by Zenos; Malmydia transferred his essence into armor made by Clangorum & Agnomenon. One of the Twelve Traitors.
Third Circle: Healers & Meditators
Dracnoris M Dracnari One of the first Elder Gods; Primal God; knew the doom was coming; brother of Draxbaylock. Also sharded into Dragons.
Eyos M Splintered Primal God who splintered but whose shards were never found.
Hoaracle M Whole The Forest Dreamer; spent His days taking root in forests to meditate on the life within. One of the Triumvirate that investigated and judged the Twelve Traitors.
Jadice F Whole Known as Jadice of the Ice Plains. Secludes self in the deep wastes of the north. Sister to Xyl; was one of the Triumvirate that investigated and judged the Twelve Traitors. Had close relations with Manteekan.
Keph F Kephera Known as She of Many Eyes; Primal God; cut Illith in half.
Lacostian M Merged The Mysterial Lord. Melded with the Akashic Records; merged with Elcyrion to form Elostian.
Lantra F Whole One of the Hamadhi.
Malmydia F Whole One of the Hamadhi. Performed experiments on Krokano and others; mutilated Fininkora, the Fair. Created several diseases with Bloodredi to harm Elder Gods. One of the Twelve Traitors.
Mysrai n/a Whole Known as Mysrai of the Mysterium. Constantly changed Their appearance, even gender. Rumoured to be a Primal God. Was said that Their true form would drive someone mad. One of the Triumvirate that investigated and judged the Twelve Traitors.
Vrandrac n/a ? Amorphous mass.
Weiwae M Whole The Golden Heart. Creche brother of Tae, intuitive healer. Learned His capacity for defending during Mysrai's Rebellion. Member of the Hamadhi.
Fourth Circle: Artists
Arimella F ? Carver of Mountains.
Ashtariel F Lost The Thousand-Hued. Crechemate of Zvoltz and Mysrai, formed in Iklara. Naive, whimsical and child-like. Fond of painting Zvoltz's spires and Mysrai's early constructs.
Carakhan F Whole Sculptor of Waves. Crechemate of Meridian and Amberle; painted the sands, reefs and sea creatures; shortly impersonated by Drocilla before Her true return to the First World.
Clangorum M Dwarf Weapons 'artist'; trained as Second Circle; member of the Grey Furies.
Crumkane M Whole Lord of Epicurean Delights. Patron of the arts, particularly cooking; followed by the sugarplum and other sweet-related fae, hid them on what is now Crumkindivia during the Exodus.
Crys M Dead Destroyed by Zenos, His Voice was trapped and used as a weapon by the Ice Devils before being freed to become the Symphonium tutor.
Drocilla F Whole The Enchantress. One of the Twelve Traitors; has very powerful seductive and influencing skills, was collared with a special device that neutralizes Her dangerous abilities.
Fininkora F Fink Once called Fininkora the Fair prior to being the victim of a failed experiment by Malmydia.
Gullagumbah M Dead Destroyed by Zenos, His Voice was trapped and used as a weapon by the Ice Devils before being freed to become the Minstrels' tutor.
Isune F Whole The Aesthete. Restored the Seal of Nature; sealed with Kethuru; saved by Lacostian; created Wyrd with Viravain.
Jagrerox M Dead Destroyed by Zenos, left His Voice behind; it became the Cacophony tutor.
Lyreth M Merged The Sidereal Prince. Fled from Zenos into the Void, leaving His Voice behind like many of the other Fourth Circle. Later returned and was restored, but much later fused with a critically wounded Eventru to become Valtreth.
Mahalla F Dead Destroyed by Zenos, left Her Voice behind; it became the Harbingers' tutor.
Maylea F Whole Bloom of Serenity. Painted the flowers. Past friend of Nocht, She now bears Him great enmity.
Rhapsody F Dead Destroyed by Zenos, left Her Voice behind; it became the Cantors' tutor.
Rhesileni F Sileni Sister of Trialante (though not literally a crechemate) and a Keeper of Song.
Shordella F Dead The first Keeper of Song to be killed and absorbed by Zenos, which amplified his powers and forced the other Keepers of Song into hiding.
Thalrinda F Dead Mentioned in the Book of Krokano. Consumed by Crazen.
Trialante F Dead Destroyed by Zenos, left Her Voice behind; it became the Spiritsingers' tutor.
Trillillial F Trill Mate of Xyl; painted the sky.
Fifth Circle: Thinkers
Agnomenon M Gnome Brother of Clangorum; opposed Fain's elixir; called The Tinkerer, master of mechanisms.
Darvellan M Whole The Navigator. Explorer of the Cosmic Planes and Aetherspace beyond; departed the First World before the Elder Wars for reasons unknown.
Elcyrion M Merged The Erudite. Brother of Lacostian; survived body being destroyed during Elder Wars; merged with Lacostian to become Elostian.
Ein M Whole Opposed Fain's elixir.
Gheasia F ? Mate of Raezon. Created armaments with soulless with Raezon; One of the Twelve Traitors.
Mililiki F ? Member of Fain's Coterie.
Mugowumpois F Mugwump Studied animals and Collective Souls; recorded Verses of Magnora.
Oshterel M ? Member of Fain's Coterie.
Raezon M Whole The Forbidden. Created the Forbidden Elixir with Gheasia; was the mate of Gheasia. Created armaments with Soulless energy with Gheasia. Banished to the Void with Fain; One of the Twelve Traitors.
Roark M Whole Libertas. Freed Estarra from the Void; made shady deal with 'ancient enemy' during war with Soulless.
Xyl M Lucidian Mate of Trillillial; emotionless; studied the cosmos.
Yomoigu M Whole The Pyresmith. Member of Fain's elixir coterie, but later agreed to forbidding its use; returned to the First World within a transdimensional device of His own make carried by the Red Star.
Sixth Circle: Awakeners
Auseklis M Whole The First Wanderer. (Most likely: Rock or River)
Elfenehoala F Elfen Sister of Lisaera; possible primary Moon awakener.
Keltari n/a Dead The Sea-Bringer. Sibling of Li-varili. Carakhan's love. Devoured by Illith.
Li-varili F Livari Lady of the Lagoon. Caused the shattering of the Seal of Justice, resulting in Ascension being required to re-strengthen the seals. Imprisoned and as the gods deliberated over her sentence, she chose to splinter.
Lisaera F Whole The Silver Goddess. Possible primary Moon awakener; once mate of Fain, She now despises Him; manifests ternary aspects mirroring those of Mother Moon, fierce protector of Nature and the Last Forest.
Manteekan M Whole The Nightmare. Awakened and shaped lesser spirits to battle the Soulless. Subverted and weaponised the fae of the Icewynderkyl forest, making it corrupt and barren. Recently bound by Viravain and Nocht to serve the Wyrd. Had close relations with Jadice.
Nocht M Whole The Silent. Primary Night awakener; protects Glomdoring. Hates Eventru, who calls Him tainted. Once the friend of Maylea, They now bear enmity towards each other.
Rahm M? ? Primary Sun awakener.
Seventh Circle: Creators
Blooredi M ? Created the crocodiles and alligators, and Spirit Scorpion. Corrupted a number of animals that later may have been reformed (scorpions, crocodiles, some types of snakes and spiders, and many saurian beasts). Created several diseases with Malmydia to harm Elder gods; One of the Twelve Traitors.
Bollikin M Furrikin Was the first Elder God to splinter; created small animals, including rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and rockeaters; many formed Collective Souls.
Centaubi M Centaur Charune's brother. Created horses.
Charune M Whole Lord of the Hunt. Created deer (and White Hart), also cows.
Lorella F Dead Created lions and Great Lion, the Collective Spirit of Jojobo.
Tae M Tae'Dae Created bears.
Volkh M Dead Created wolves; mate of Loboshi; consumed by Orlachmar.
Viravain F Whole Mistress of the Webs. Created birds (and Raven), bugs, other small life; once possessed by Kethuru, embodies both the beauty and cruelty of the Wyrd that She created with Isune.
Soulless Gods
Crazen M Trapped The Greedy. Trapped by Shanth in a crater at the end of the world.
Draxbaylock F Dead The Black. Sister of Dracnoris, killed by Him during the first battle of the Elder Wars.
Erlechtoch M Dead Lesser Soulless; His essence was used by Fain to resurrect Orlachmar.
Illith F Illithoid The Leviathan. Was once the most powerful, before being cut in half by Keph. Half was imprisoned behind the Seal of Keph, the same half later split into the Illithoid. Other half frozen under the seas by the Vernal Gods. Also called "Empress of Emptiness", Her heart resides within the Undervault, for those brave enough to touch it.
Kethuru M Imprisoned The Almighty, imprisoned beyond the border of the Astral Plane by the Nine. Currently most powerful of the Soulless.
Muud M Trapped Great Muud. Trapped under Balach Swamp, His essence powers that of the Soulforge. Now seeks victims by reaching to the sewers of the cities to feed upon unsuspecting adventurers by teleporting them to the Land of Flesh and Blood. Avatar is the Dread Lord of Contagion.
Nemach M Trapped Lesser Soulless from which Fain's coterie drew the makings of the elixir. Resurfaced in the Basin of Life following the return of Lisaera, Drocilla, Carakhan and Crumkane, trapped in an interdimensional device by Yomoigu.
Nohaji M ? the Face-Thief. Minor Soulless. Steals the appearance of gods he has eaten.
Zenos M Trapped The Silent Death. Insubstantial. Trapped in a mountain cave, an icy prison made by the Vernal Gods. A small fragment of Zenos' essence was tightly bound within a chest in older times, and accidentally let loose by the Celestine Guild, on or around 10 Dioni 214. Defeated upon the Plane of Celestia, and resealed within the chest. His essence also persists in the Icewynd, manifesting as the Eye of Zenos.