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Jadice, the Frost Queen
Circle Third
Symbols a white snowflake within a platinum disk
Order Head
Patronage Hallifax

Jadice is a meditator of the Third Circle and a creche-mate of Xyl, who also originated from the plane of Continuum. She is also known as Jadice of the Ice Plains, having spent time beyond counting wandering the frozen expanses of the world. She has distinguished herself in the mediation of disputes, and it was for this reason that She was chosen, along with Hoaracle and Mysrai, to serve on the triumvirate which judged the Twelve Traitors. Known for Her composure and devotion to reason, She is called the Frost Queen.

Jadice is fascinated by the fractal nature of the universe and the underlying structure of reality. She studies manifestations of harmony and stasis wherever they are to be found, and is adept at weaving ice and aether into delicate structures and artifacts.

Believing that order should be uncovered rather than imposed, Jadice encourages meticulous and logical self-contemplation as a tool to solve problems and improve oneself. She believes all should act within their confines, and distrusts those who would place arbitrary emotional concerns above obedience and preservation of the whole. She values loyalty between peers, respect for higher ranks, and adherence to rules.

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