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Below you will find a large number of items. Every item in Lusternia serves a purpose to different people, but all are useful in some manner.



  • Warriors typically wear plate.
  • Everyone who does not use Acrobatics is able to wear any non-plate armour. This typically comes down to two choices: robes or chainmail
    • Robes can be enhanced twice with knots
    • Chainmail has a higher armor value but can only be enhanced with knots once.
  • Tattoos can also provide protection but require wearing no other armor.


  • Food is a necessity. You can pass out from hunger as well as take damage from your need for food! It's always a good idea to have some on hand, constitution platters and dexterity kabobs especially.


  • Bookbinders are able to make various types of Origami. Each piece of Origami is categorized by its type, and each serves a different purpose.
    • Action Origami will function like a letter, scribed with magic ink and able to be mailed at a Post Office.
    • Modular Origami are able to hold up to 25 items, and able to be mailed at a Post Office.
    • Wetfold Origami will make you more charming while influencing, increase the esteem you earn from your ego battles, and refresh your health, mana, and ego when its day-long blessing ends.
    • Kirigami will make you a little more resistant to physical damage, increase your chance of critical hits when attacking, and will also refresh your health, mana, and ego when its day-long blessing ends.


Vital Enchantments to always have with you

  • Cleanse (Used to clean a number of afflictions off of you)
  • Mercy (Health regeneration)
  • Perfection (Mana Regeneration)
  • Beauty (Ego Regeneration)
  • Kingdom (Clotting assistance)
  • Waterwalk (Allows you to walk on water)
  • Waterbreathe (Allows you to go underwater and not drown)

Situationally Useful Enchantments

  • Web (Used to cast an entangling web at an enemy)
  • Ignite (Set someone else, or in some cases yourself, on fire)
  • Geyser (Knock an enemy out of the sky)


Vital Sigils

  • Fist (attached to a wieldable item, a fist sigil prevents unwielding the item when that arm is damaged)
    • If you have Gripping from Knighthood or Kata, then you do not need this.
  • Teardrop (When attached to a vial, it links it directly to your Liquid Rift, allowing you to use doses directly from your rift)

Situationally Useful Sigils

  • Monolith (When dropped, people cannot Teleport to you)
  • Flame (attached to an item, it prevents the item from being picked up)
    • Often attached to Monolith sigils to prevent others from deactivating the teleportation block.
  • Eye (Stops Dreamweavers and Ghosts from entering the room)


  • Weapons. This entirely depends on what archetype, and sometimes what specialization.
    • Mages, druids, wiccans and guardians will typically function without a weapon until their primary skill lets them generate one.
    • Bards will require an instrument which are made by artisans.
    • Warriors and monks will need a weapon appropriate to their specialization forged by a smith.
  • Poisons
  • Teas
  • Three pipes. One should be for coltsfoot, one for faeleaf, and one myrtle.
    • Be sure to have a way to light the pipes, such as a tinderbox, if the pipes are not runed.
  • All cures. See HELP CURELIST for the details.
  • Protection, Healing and Disruption scrolls.
  • An energy cube for recharging enchantments.
  • A shield, if you're not a monk.


  • Ikons
    • Dramatics teaches how to combine these to form gestalts which function kind of like influence armour.
    • You can sometimes get these from completing quests or buy packs of them with credits.
  • Prestigious clothing and jewelry
    • Except for charity, all influence attacks are less likely to be resisted if your appearance is more prestigious.
    • ITEMLIST CLOTHING will display a table of what clothing you have and an adjective hinting at its prestige.
  • Tawdry clothing
    • When clothing has been mended too many times it becomes tawdry and provides negative prestige.
    • Lower prestige decreases the likelihood of denizens resisting one's charity influence attacks but has the opposite effect for all one's other influence attacks.
  • Aromatic Oils
  • Wetfold Origami
  • Focus Enchantment
  • Trained Beast
  • Mask of Wonder
    • This is an item made with Wonder Crystals that can provide a 2/7 buff to various types of influence if upgrade enough.
    • See HELP WONDERMASK for more details.
  • Esteem container
    • Doesn't strengthen influence, but helps one benefit more out of its byproduct.
    • Influencing accumulates esteem up to a limit of 500 units. Figurines/miniatures can hold significantly more than this and can be leveled up to multiply the esteem even further. One can then offer them at shrines to provide essence for Orders and generate Karma.
    • Braziers of Wonder with 5 Wonder Crystals can also hold esteem, do not decay and immediately return after offering. See HELP WONDERBRAZIER.