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Useful Equipment Listing

Below you will find a large number of items. Every item in Lusternia serves a purpose to different people, but all are useful in some manner.


  • Armour.
    • Bards, Mages, Druids, Wiccans and Guardians will generally wear enchanted robes.
    • Monks will wear enchanted robes as well, except those who take the trade skill of tattoos, in which the transcendent skill works in place of armor.
    • Warriors will start off generally with leather armours, then work their way up to plates.
  • Food.

It's always a good idea to have some on hand, constitution platters and dexterity kabobs especially. Until you reach Level 80, food is a necessity, or you will pass out from hunger as well as be injured by your need for food!

  • Origami
    • Bookbinders are able to make various types of Origami. Each piece of Origami is categorized by it's type, and each serves a different purpose.
      • Action Origami will function like a letter, scribed with magic ink and able to be mailed at a Post Office.
      • Modular Origami are able to hold up to 25 items, and able to be mailed at a Post Office.
      • Wetfold Origami will make you more charming while influencing, increase the esteem you earn from your ego battles, and refresh your health, mana, and ego when its day-long blessing ends.
      • Kirigami will make you a little more resistant to physical damage, increase your chance of critical hits when attacking, and will also refresh your health, mana, and ego when its day-long blessing ends.
  • Useful Enchantments
    • Waterwalk (Allows you to walk on water)
    • Waterbreathe (Allows you to go underwater and not drown)
    • Web (Used to cast an entangling web at an enemy)
    • Cleanse (Used to clean a number of afflictions off of you)
    • Mercy (Health regeneration)
    • Perfection (Mana Regeneration)
    • Beauty (Ego Regeneration)
    • Kingdom (Clotting assistance)
    • Ignite (Set someone else, or in some cases yourself, on fire)
    • Geyser (Knock an enemy out of the sky)
  • Useful Sigils
    • Monolith (When dropped, people cannot Teleport to you)
    • Eye (Stops Dreamweavers and Ghosts from entering the room)
    • Flame (Prevents an item from being picked up)
    • Fist (Prevents forcible unwielding of a weapon)
    • Teardrop (When attached to a vial, it links it directly to your Liquid Rift, automatically filling your vials until it empties)


  • Weapons. This entirely depends on what archetype, and sometimes what specialization.
  • Three pipes. One should be for coltsfoot, one for faeleaf, and one myrtle. Be sure you have a tinderbox as well, if the pipes aren't runed.
  • All cures. See HELP CURELIST for the details.
  • Protection, Healing and Disruption scrolls.
  • An energy cube for recharging enchantments.
  • A shield, if you're not a warrior or monk.


- Beauty enchantment. - Oils. Use Vanilla for Weakening, Jasmine for Paranoia, Sandalwood for Charity, Dragonsblood for Empowering, and Musk for Secuction.