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Newton Caverns

  • Recommended level: 0 - 21
  • Aggressives: None

The Newton Caverns are perfect for young adventurers who have just stepped through the Portal of Fate and are looking to get a feel for hunting without too much risk to their persons. Scattered throughout the caves are a plentiful supply of both finks and gnomes who will only do trace amounts of damage and will neither initiate attacks nor follow. The corpses of both races can be traded for gold, making this a very profitable starting point to Lusternia.

Lolliprin Valley

  • Recommended level: 5 - 21
  • Aggressive: None

By helping either the gnomes or finks of the Newton Caverns open a portal to this land you will be able to venture through yourself and explore this verdant flowering valley. Although there are quite a few small animals about the central lake to hunt and perhaps exchange to the locals, the best spots are within the eastern caves which contain numerous rock hogs, finks, and worker ants. Although these creatures are a little stronger than what you may be used to from Newton, they are still well within your capability to dispatch quickly and without too much difficulty. Again, you'll have no afflictions to worry about, though do be wary of stealing ant larvae which can cause the workers to view you as a threat. The ants and rock hogs can also be exchanged for gold (I think!). Note that ants become aggressive to those carrying their larvae.

Top of Smoke Mountain

  • Recommended level: 10 - 20
  • Aggressive: None

Both the Ant Queen and Mother Fink will help you get to the top of this precarious mountaintop, ready to join the constant battle between fink and gnome warriors that rages without end. These are the best fighters both races have to offer, so be prepared for your toughest challenge yet - but without afflictions or unprovoked attacks to worry about, slaughtering these champions should take very little time indeed. Displaying your trophies to the relevant warleader should net you a tidy reward.

Toronada Tidal Flats

  • Recommended level: 20 - 30
  • Aggressive: Crabs, when dug up.
  • Possible afflictions: Broken limbs, deafness, paralysis.

These salty tide pools are host to an amazing diversity of beach and ocean life, and the prepared explorer will find quite a high level of hunting should they choose to catch the raft from near Ackleberry Junction. The seagulls and crabs will be your first challenge, so make sure you have a mending vial handy and are ready to step away if you take too heavy a beating. Mongrels and jellyfish are are your next stop- jellyfish will occasionally paralyze you, so make sure you know to FOCUS BODY. Pelicans are nasty critters if you get on the wrong side of their beak, but will provide the most profitable hunting of the area. There are also crabs here, that can break limbs and do a fair amount of damage. The crabs found on the surface won't attack unless provoked, but if you happen to dig one up, they will attack you. Starfish aren't much of a challenge but deal a fair emount of bleeding damage, and boxturtles are nasty little critters that will make you bleed heavily- so remember to clot!

Lake of Dreams (Water Plane)

  • Recommend level: 20 - 30
  • Aggressive: None, but Celestians claim the Plane in general.
  • Possible afflictions: Sleep.

The only thing to kill at the Lake of Dreams are Dream Leeches, which will try to put you to sleep, and hit you with a hard attack from time to time, but generally the attack is moderate. Having Insomnia and Kafe up is recommended. Killing Leeches sometimes makes them drop Light essence. Leechs have a "leeching" attack, which drains a bit of your life into them, with a hit.

Spectre Isle

  • Recommend level: Igashen and Tae'dae-25; Other Races: 30-35
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Chills, blackouts

Spectres can cause chills, freezing, and blackouts so bring along a vial of fire potion. The girls are the easiest, then the boys, women, men, Rudzine, Paladins, and then the Emperor and Empress. The Paladins cause knockdown as well as the other afflictions, and should not be fought until levels 40-45 for most races, and neither should Rudzine. The Emperor and Empress spirits should not be attempted until around level 50, and even then a group is advised. All spectres can break shields.

Eastern Mountain Ranges, Razines, Southern Mountains

  • Recommended level: 30 - 40, possibly 20 for rockeaters/rocs, if careful with shields.
  • Aggressive: None

Rockeaters, moose, and rocs can be found in the mountains. Rockeaters are a source of gems for villages, and can be sold for varying prices. They can knock down, but can not break shields. They have a flame attack which does decent damage, and goes through shields, so be wary.

Rocs can not break sheilds, nor can moose, I believe.

Nagaradja Caves

  • Recommended level: 30 - 40, higher levels farther in
  • Aggressive: None
  • Possible afflictions: Asthma.

The Nagaradja Caves are secretly located near Southgard in the Southern Mountains. The nagaradjas are able to afflict with asthma, so be ready to apply melancholic to your chest. Poisonists use nagarajda corpses for Chansu, the poison which causes asthma. Farther in, Nagakali cause paralysis and are a bit stronger, and Nagameth can entangle and break legs and are even stronger, maybe around level 45-50.

Glomdoring Forest

  • Recommend level: 20-50
  • Aggressive: Thornbeast -random-, Bulbous spider, Black Widows -trees- (Only to non-novices), oozes, wasps, cockatrices.
  • Possible afflictions: Dizziness, ablaze, freezing, paralysis, deafness, concentration loss, entanglement, crippled limbs as well as others.

The Glomdoring Forest is a plentiful hunting ground for a youngling out of Newton Caverns, though only to those who have right to hunt there. Caution needs to be exercised when hunting several of these creatures as a simple mistake may lead to death. Not many of the creatures found in the Forest are given in for a profit. Oozes may be hunted on the western end of Glomdoring, and can cause knockdown, as well as entangle. These may be fed to the Ebonglom Wyrm, who will, after every five, spit out a pustule. These may be given to Rowena, near the Ravenwood Tree, for 500 gold each. Wasps are found in the north end of the forest, and cause weakness, However, they are not able to break shields. Cockatrices are found in the south east end, in the hills, and can blind and cause ablaze, as well as paralyze. Many poisons can be found in this area, including Mactans, Niricol, and more.

Caverns of Doom (Earth Plane)

  • Recommend level: 30 - 50
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Crotamine, knockdown, entanglement, broken legs.

The Caverns of Doom are a good hunting area for mid-range levels: however, it is generally restricted to Magnagorans, who tend to attack members of Celest on sight. Members of Glomdoring and Serenwilde are sometimes permitted to hunt there as long as all essence is deposited in the Megalith of Doom. Creatures to hunt here are the grubs (who drop essence), which are fairly weak and entangle. Lindwyrms are more difficult, as they can break legs and knockdown, or deal the crotamine affliction, which causes death unless cured: however, they attack considerably more slowly than grubs, and even races without an equilibrium or balance bonus should be able to attack twice in the time it takes for them to attack once. However, as a precaution (if they get a lucky crotamine hit in), always carry antidote with you to cure this deadly poison before it kills you. No creatures in the Caverns of Doom can break shield.

Inner Sea

  • Recommend level: 30 - 50
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Paralysis, nausea, sun allergy, knockdown, broken limbs.

Centrally located in the basin, the Inner sea is a vast oceanic environment filled with varying creatures; from the small but potent anemone to the deadly sharks. The area is claimed by New Celest The sea stretches down four levels, although creatures tend to be of roughly similar strength throughout.

Merian Isle

  • Recommend level: Igashen and Tae'dae-35; Other Races: 40-45
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Blackout, Fire Affliction (Keep Frost in Inventory), Fear, Blindness.

Merians are protected by those of Celest, and are not that hard to kill, much easier then the Gorgogs. These merians may be sold to Gognigin, the Gorgog Leader, for a bit of cash per. However, most people as you not to kill Marinus, the Merian leader, for others need him for the Gorgog quest part. These guys can cause black out and make you burn or invoke fear, so be ready.

Upper Shallach Ruins

  • Recommend level: 30 - 50
  • Aggressive: None, though Magnagorans often claim the area.
  • Possible afflictions: Stupidity, knockdown.

The upper Shallach Ruins are located off of a hidden northwestern exit near the source of the Shallach River. There are four types of orcs here: Elders, warriors, archers, and braves. Braves and archers are the easiest, and just do mild damage. Warriors are moderately difficult, doing around 500-1000 damage per hit. Orc elders can be somewhat tricky. They have knockdown, paralysis and afflict with stupidity. Pennyroyal is highly suggested when hunting them. In the lower Shallach Ruins, an orclach named Krangar will purchase orc corpses for 75 gold apiece. Once he has enough orcs, he will open up an entrance to the Catacombs.

Mountains of Madness (Earth Plane)

  • Recommend level: 45 - 55
  • Aggressive: Sometimes stoneghasts. Magnagorans claim the plane in general.
  • Possible afflictions: Slickness, blindness.

Like the Caverns of Doom, the Mountains of Madness are usually designated as Magnagoran territory and non-Magnagorans are in danger. It is more difficult to exit than the Caverns also, since the only permanent exit shifts positions regularly, and the plane itself often randomly shifts you into different rooms when you try to move. Gargoyles drop essence, and hit fairly hard, though they deal no afflictions. Stoneghasts are occassionally aggressive and can cause both blindness and slickness: while these afflictions are not particularly debilitating, they can be annoying.

The Stone Lords are also located on the Earth Plane. They are much more difficult than the other creatures and should not even be considered until level 80+. Magnagorans will attack and enemy those who attempt to slay the Stone Lords, as doing so restricts the amount of power their nexus gains from essence.

Great Starry Sea (Water Plane)

  • Recommend level: 45 - 55
  • Aggressive: None, but Celestians claim the Plane in general.
  • Possible afflictions: Broken limbs, Sleep.

The only things to kill in the Great Starry Sea are Serpentine Starsuckers, which can break limbs, knock you off balance, and hit you with an occasional extremely strong attack ( 1500+ Damage). When killed, they will sometimes drop Light essence. The Tidal Lords are found here, but should not be slain until level 80 +. Celestians will attack and enemy those who attempt to slay the Tidal Lords, as doing so restricts the amount of power their nexus gains from essence.

Grey Moors

  • Recommend level: 35 - 60
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Knockdown, Broken Limbs.

The Grey Moors is one of the best places for hunting for gold. The corpses of the Krokani in the Castle can be brought to Surtami for some good money and a chance for her to unlock a hidden door to 5k. Adversely, you can kill the Aslarans in the Moors (albeit a bit tougher) and bring them to the Krokani cook at the bottom of the tower. The Krokani Guards tend to knockdown, while the Aslarans can knockdown and break limbs.

Verasavir Valley

  • Recommended level: 40 - 60
  • Aggressive: None, unless enemied to Taurians or Wolves in which case the two leaders are aggressive when spoken to.

Verasavir Valley is located east of Serenwilde Forest on Alabaster Road. The ghost wolves deal moderate damage, as well as a large amount of bleeding. The taurians are slightly easier. If you attack one wolf, all other wolves in the area will immediately come to their aid and begin attacking you as well. The same goes for the taurians.

Sea of Despair

  • Recommend level: 45-60
  • Aggressive: Certain goblin sharks, great white sharks
  • Possible afflictions: Broken limbs

Once the Crystal Sea, now known as the Sea of Despair, this ocean is the smaller, eastern counterpart of the Inner Sea. When Princess Marilynth destroyed the Pool of Stars, she wiped the ancient city of Celest from the island at the centre of the sea. The sea became blighted, both by the ghosts that haunt it, and by the tainted waters that flow down into the sea from the surrounding lands.

Lower Shallach Ruins

  • Recommend level: 60+
  • Aggressive: No, but Knights will team, and Magnagorans claim the area.
  • Possible afflictions: Fear, fire, knockdown.

Under Shallach ruins is an exceptional bashing grounds. However, one must be very cautious. The Knights are strong and often bunch up in groups. If you attack a knight, and another sees, he will defend his ally. Plus, Magnagorans will attack trespassers. If you kill a knight, you will be enemied to Shallach. Krangar will not buy your orcs!

Fighting Knights: Knights have three attacks: Staring you down (Damage(?) + fear), Cosmic fire like attack (fire damage), and swinging their sword (straight damage Possibly some magic/psychic?). keep your health high, and shield/reflect when you get low. Keep an eye open for other knights wandering in. If you stop paying attention, you can die pretty quick. Also, if the knight gives you fear, get ready to run. Sometimes they will push you into a hostile group. This brings swift death. Knights have an emote when they are near death that can be useful for judging if you should run or slug it out. (Especially if taking on two or more at once) Drop: 120 or so gold

Shocktroopers are knights with greatly increased attack speed and health. They are incredibly tough (As a level 72 Human, I avoid them completely unless with a friend). Drop: 300 gold (this may be very wrong)

Gorgog Caves

  • Recommend level: For Igashen or Tae'dae-70+; Other Races: 75+
  • Aggressive: All.
  • Possible afflictions: Fire (Keep Frost in Inventory).

There are 25 Gorgogs in the caves. That is 2,500 gold per run. These gorgogs are tough and do major damage but are not aggressive. If you are weak against fire, make sure you have a cloak or robes proofed against fire and drink a fire potion. If you have any other protection, use it. Gorgogs also drop excellent gold, you can expect 3000+ for killing all 25 gorgogs just from pick-ups. Gorgogs team up and enemy.

From time to time, someone may perform a quest which will release roaming gorgogs throughout the seas. These are of course, aggressive, and will attack until someone does the counter quest.

Tosha Monastery

  • Recommend level: 70 - 80
  • Aggressive: None.
  • Possible afflictions: Blindness, broken limbs, knockdown.

Numerous monks litter the Tosha Monastery. While they appear fairly innocuous, they are each masters of unarmed combat and are capable of knocking down targets, as well as breaking arms and legs and causing blindness. They each possess loyalty to Tosha, which means killing one will cause you to become enemied to the Monastery, and attacking one will cause others in the same room to become aggressive. Becoming enemied to the Monastery will prevent you from performing the Tosha quest of enlightenment.

Four Masters are located on the highest level of the Monastery, and are considerably more difficult than the ordinary monks.


  • Recommend level: 70 + with allies, 80 + Alone (Unlinked), 90+ (Linked).
  • Aggressive: All
  • Possible afflictions: Various.

There are 12 spheres in the Astral Plane, each with it's own creature. Each type will have a certain sort of attack, which vary wildly. For instance, Three Horned Bulls on Taurus can break legs, and knock down, and do quite a bit of damage. Emaciated Virgins do a bit less damage, but can cause fear, deafness, and blackout, all at the same time! Take extreme care when hunting on Astral. Many herbalists come here to find the elusive Sparkleberry, an herb found only here. Each sphere on the Astral Plane has a node, which when linked to (with the skill in planar) cause a number of creatures of that sphere (IE: Linking on the Virgo sphere will cause virgins to spawn) that are TOUGHER versions of the regular creatures that spawn. The number that spawns is based on how many people are on the sphere at the time of linking. These are referred to as "linked" versions, IE: Linked Virgins or Linked Bulls, by the general population. Regular creatures are referred to as "unlinked". Linked versions give more exp/essence than unlinked.

Faethorn (Ethereal Plane)

  • Recommend level: ?
  • Aggressive: None, but claimed by both Communes.
  • Possible afflictions: Entanglement.

The fae being lesser spirits of nature reside in the ethereal forests as their caretakers. A plane of unimaginable things, the center of the ethereal is home to the Realm of Faethorn and its ruling Queen. Maeve of the Fae overlooks the entire realm and with a loving and guiding hand preserves its ways and intricacies for every fae from the biggest to the smallest.

Snow Valley

  • Recommend level: 60-70
  • Aggressive: Cats.
  • Possible afflictions: Knockdown, deafness, broken arms/legs

Snow Valley is located off of Avechna's Teeth. It contains the aggressive saber-toothed cats, which do not break circles/pentagrams, but are prone to dealing large amounts of bleeding. Snow rabbits also can be seen frequently around Snow Valley, and can be killed exceptionally easily. In the northwest corner of the valley, there is a group of mammoths. They can knockdown and give deafness, as well as breaking limbs. There is a large bull mammoth, which is visibly more difficult than the others, and should be approached with caution. A small taurian outpost is located in the northern section. If you have the skill in Environment, you are able to scale up a cliff to reach the igasho caves.

Spirit Plane

  • Recommend level: ?
  • Aggressive: All creatures.
  • Possible afflictions: ?

(Description will go here)

Catacombs (Ethereal Plane)

  • Recommend level: ?
  • Aggressive: All creatures.
  • Possible afflictions: ?

(Description will go here)