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The ancient dracnari skill of Beastmastery allows the training and transformation of certain creatures, sometimes referred to as beasts, which can range from a simple horse to a great winged wyvern. By using certain alchemical reagents, beasts can be transformed to grow wings or taught to cast simple spells. See the Beastmastery skillset to learn how beasts work, how to raise them, and what they can be taught to do.

Available Beasts
Beast Innate Abilities Source Cost
Basilisk Fly, Breathe Steam, Cast Hypnotic Gaze Menestrean Wayfaire 925ag
Chimera Spit Poison Menestrean Wayfaire 325ag
Crow Fly, Breathe Infest (poison damage + infestation) Druidry - Totem (Blacktalon) n/a
Eaf'eramich Influence Paranoia, Influence Weaken Xeeth Labs Quest 186,000gp
Eagle Fly, Balance, Mount Faethorn 186,000gp
Egregore Influence Empower, Influence Seduction, Influence Weaken, Chameleon Mysrai's Order 1000ag
Garosaur Gallop, Aggressive, and Thicken Hide Lyraa Ey Rielys 535ag
Gatorshark Thicken Hide, Swim, Dive, Mount, and Balance Menestrean Wayfaire 600ag
Grimalkin Regenerate Ego, Influence Weaken, and Heal Ego Manteekan's Order 1000ag
Gryphon Mount, Fly, Charge, and Gallop Menestrean Wayfaire 400ag
Hippogryph Fly, Gust, Mount Menestrean Wayfaire 250ag
Horse Mount, Gallop Stewartsville 5,000gp
Hydra Chameleon, Influence Weaken, Spit Poison, Scale Morgfyre's DisOrder 500ag
Kirin Breathe Amnesia Cloud, Breathe Sleep Cloud, Menestrean Wayfaire 625ag
Lion Bodyguard, Climb, Scale Menestrean Wayfaire 650ag
Mammoth Trample Snow Valley > Caves of Hhuhur 306,000gp
Manticore Aggressive, Battle, Fly, Breathe Lightning Menestrean Wayfaire 750ag
Mastiff, Nyalian Aggressive, Battle, Thicken Hide, Bodyguard Terentia's Order ???
Moose Aggressive, Block, Gallop, Trample Charune's Order (Unavailable) 1000ag
Nightmare Mount, Battle, Fly Nil 106,000gp
Parrot Fly, Heal Health, Mount, Cast Hypnotic Gaze Isune's Order 500ag
Peafowl Cast Reflection, Influence Empower, Heal Ego Maylea's Order 760ag
Pegasus Mount, Fly, Gallop Celestia 131,000gp
Penguin Swim,Dive ? Solstice Court 68500gp
Phoenix Fly, Breathe Fire (Burns) Pyromancy - Phoenix n/a
Phoenix, Dream Flying, Breathe Sleep Cloud, Breathe Amnesia Cloud Menestrean Wayfaire 900ag
Phoenix, Snow Flying, Breathe Cold, Cast Reflection Menestrean Wayfaire 925ag
Polytope Mount, Thicken Hide Continuum 131000gp
Pony Influence Charity Estelbar 6,000gp
Rhino Armour, Battle, Charge, Gallop, Mount Cavalier Base of Operations 500,000gp
Sarkipose Regenerate Health, Chameleon, Influence Paranoia Vortex 131,000gp
Serpent Cure Spirit, Dive, Heal Health, Swim Eventru's Order (Unavailable) n/a
Sidiak Chameleon, Fly, Gallop Czixi's Order 500ag
Spider Cast Hypnotic Gaze Angkrag 306,000gp
Squonkabonk Breathe Gas, Trample Caoimhe Dell Quest 619,000gp
Stag Heal Health (Improved), Tree Toss Druidry - Totem (Hartstone) n/a
Strix Fly, Breathe Lightning Lisaera's Order 500ag
Swan Swim, Fly Clarramore Cloud Gardens Quest 60,000gp
Thunderbird Fly, Breathe Lightning (Cloudcoils) Aeromancy - Thunderbird n/a
Turtle, Dragon Waterglide, Breathe Frost (cold damage + frostbite) Aquamancy - Turtle n/a
Vinestalker Chameleon, Climb, Spit Poison Menestrean Wayfaire 775ag
War Goat Kick Southgard 83,500gp
Worg Aggressive, Thicken Hide, Battle, Bodyguard, Shikari's Order 500ag
Wyrm, Taint Burrowing, Dig Up, Breathe Gas (Particulates) Geomancy - Wyrm n/a
Wyvern Mount, Fly Mount Zoaka Quest 63,500gp
Wyvern, Fire Mount, Fly, Breathe Fire Mount Zoaka Quest ???