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Zvoltz, the Architect
Circle First
Symbols a silver disc bisected by a lightning bolt
Keeper of the Archetype Ushaara
Patronage Hallifax

A skilled mediator and diplomat, Zvoltz helped forge the First Circle of Elder Gods out of the conflict and power struggles when the gods first came to Lusternia. Desiring harmony and a successful society, He used His position among the leaders of the First Circle to organize all of the gods into the Circles by which they are known today. Zvoltz worked continuously among the Elder Gods to mediate disputes and impose order on the budding First World.

Zvoltz values harmony above all things and believes that it can only be achieved by a highly structured society based on adherence to law. He teaches that success is achieved when all parts of a whole work together for the same goal, believing that there is a place for everyone and everyone should be in their place. Because of this, Zvoltz values those who create and enforce the law as well as those who strive to build and maintain an orderly society.