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Traveling The Planes

The Prime Material Plane

Most of the adventures on the world of Lusternia will take place in the Basin of Life, an enormous continent surrounded by a circle of mountains. In the center of this basin are two inland seas, and surrounding that great highways that are the arteries of commerce and trade. Presiding over all is the towering mountain known as Avechna's Peak, situated to the northeast among the northern mountain range, a holy site where many pilgrims travel. The Prime Material plane is adjacent to the Ethereal plane.

Being the plane in which adventurers commonly live in, the Prime plane is also the most known. Thus, it has the most areas to explore in. Despite this, however, there are still many more undiscovered locations in the Prime Material plane - and some, like Ackleberry, cannot be accessed through known means.






Mountains and Hills

Deserts and Wastes

Caves and Underground


Swamps and Beaches

Bodies of Water


The Ethereal Plane

The ethereal realm is the planar layer between the prime material plane and the elemental planes. The fae live here, who are lesser nature spirits. Every forest on the prime material plane has its counterpart upon the ethereal plane.

The Elemental Plane

The four major known Elemental planes are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. During the Taint Wars, all connections to the planes of Fire and Air were lost and the plane of Earth was corrupted. In more recent times the planes of Fire and Air became freed and are now accessible, with Earth still the only Elemental plane touched by the Taint. The layer of Elemental planes is adjacent to the Ethereal plane and the Cosmic planes.





  • The Neverending Airstream

The Cosmic Plane

The cosmic planes are sometimes called the higher planes. Each cosmic plane has a unique vibration which calls to certain mortals, such vibration embodying a philosophy and way of thinking. The greater divine beings who live on these planes often help those who choose to be guardians of their plane. Though mortals do not fully understand what these beings are, it is interesting to note that the Elder Gods refer to them (sometimes affectionately and sometimes contemptuously) as the 'half-formed'. Two of the great known cosmic planes were lost during the Taint Wars, and one cosmic plane was corrupted by the Taint. The layer of cosmic planes lie between the elemental planes and the astral plane.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane was discovered by Emperor Ladantine VII, last ruler of the Holy Celestine Empire. This plane imprisons the greatest of the Soulless Gods, Almighty Kethuru, and is twisted by his presence. The plane itself is a series of floating spheres, each a monstrous horror unto itself, which slowly move in strange orbits, continuously bumping into each other. With Kethuru now firmly imprisoned, it is possible to travel to these astrospheres and safely drain the latent energies there, though this process is not without its hazards.

Each of the areas listed below are an individual bubble with their own creatures. Each bubble is connected to three other bubbles, although the path to one bubble from another may or may not exist as they move around at random.

Notes about all Astral creatures:

  • They can shield and break shields.
  • They are all aggressive.

Other Astral Bashing tips: Try and have at least tesserect in Planar, that way if your may back is cut off, you can at least tesserect back to safety. Having Conglutinate is a good idea as well, as few will be willing to come up to Astral to get your corpse should you die.