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The ancient dracnari skill of Beastmastery allows the training and transformation of certain creatures, sometimes referred to as beasts, which can range from a simple horse to a great winged wyvern. By using certain alchemical reagents, beasts can be transformed to grow wings or taught to cast simple spells. See the Beastmastery skillset to learn how beasts work, how to raise them, and what they can be taught to do.

Available Beasts
Beast Innate Abilities Source Cost
Basilisk Flying, MinorBreath - Steam, Spellcasting - Hypnotic Gaze Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Chimera Spit Poison Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Crow Flying, BlackLung Druidry Totem (Blacktalon) n/a
Dragon Turtle WaterGlide, Swimming, MinorBreath - Steam Aquamancy Turtle n/a
Eaf'eramich Influence - Paranoia, Influence - Weakening Xeeth Labs Quest 186,000gp
Eagle Flying, Balancing, Mount Faethorn 186,000gp
Egregore Influence - Empower, Influence - Seduction, Influence - Weaken, Chameleon Mysrai's Order 50db
Gryphon Unknown Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Hippogryph Flying, Gust, Mount Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Horse Mount, Galloping Stewartsville 5,000gp
Hydra Chameleon, Influence - Weaken, Spit Poison, Scale Morgfyre's DisOrder Unknown
Lion Bodyguard, Climb, Scale Czigany Wayfaire 30db
Mammoth Trampling Snow Valley 306,000gp
Manticore Aggressive, Battle, Flying, MinorBreath - Lightning Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Nightmare Mount, Battle, Flying Nil 106,000gp
Parrot Flying, Heal - Health, Mount, Spellcasting - HypnoticGaze Isune's Order Unknown
Pegasus Mount, Flying, Galloping Celestia 131,000gp
Phoenix Flying, FireBreath Pyromancy Phoenix n/a
Phoenix, Dream Flying, MajorBreath - SleepCloud, MajorBreath - AmnesiaCloud Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Phoenix, Snow Flying, MinorBreath - Cold, Spellcasting - Reflection Czigany Wayfaire 50db
Pony Influence - Begging Estelbar 6,000gp
Rhino Armour, Battle, Charging, Galloping, Mount Cavalier Base of Operations 500,000gp
Serpent Curing - Spirit, Dive, Healing - Health, Swim Eventru's Order (Unavailable) n/a
Spider Spellcasting - HypnoticGaze Angkrag 306,000gp
Squonkabonk Unknown Caoimhe Dell Quest Unknown
Stag Healing - Health, TreeToss Druidry Totem (Hartstone) n/a
Taint Wyrm Burrowing, DigUp, MinorBreath - Gas Geomancy Wyrm n/a
Thunderbird Flying, LightningBolt (Epilepsy) Aeromancy Thunderbird n/a
War Goat Kicking Southgard 83,500gp
Worg Aggressive, Armour, Battle, Bodyguard, Shikari's Order Unknown
Wyvern Mount, Flying, MinorBreath - Fire Mount Zoaka Quest 63,500gp