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Note from the Chroniclers: For information regarding pre-overhaul stats allocated to all races, please go to Races (pre-overhaul)

Race Description Level 25 Level 50 Level 75 Demigod + Artifact
Aslaran Cat-like race, very fast. 1/3 Natural Area Health Regen 2/4 Cold Resist Celerity Pursuit Stunning Pursuit
Dracnari Dragon-like race, can breathe fire 1/4 Psychic Resist
Breathe Fire
2/4 Fire Resist 1/3 Burning Area Health & Mana Regen Breath of Dracnoris Ranged Breath
· Illuminated Dracnari Pyromancers and Illuminati
· Guardian Dracnari Warriors specializing in Paradigmatics
Dwarf Small, though stout, people. 1/4 Fire/Cold Resist 1/4 Blunt/Cutting Resist Elemental Movement Resist
Axelord Specialisation (two-hand axe)
Music: Improved Empower/seduction influence
Guts of Steel Raging Alcoholic
Elfen Lithe people of the forests. 2/4 Magic Resist 2/4 Psychic Resist 1/3 Forest Health/Mana Regen 6/10 Natural Health/Mana/Ego Regen 2/10 Natural All Damage/Resist
· Elfen Lord Warriors specializing in Moon or Stag
· High Elfen Followers of Moon or Stag
· Wild Elfen Students of Wildarrane
Faeling A cross between an elfen and a fae creature. 2/4 Divinus Resist Flying 1/3 Forest Health/Mana Regen 6/10 Natural Health/Mana/Ego Regen 2/10 Natural All Damage/Resist
· Shadowcaster Faeling Followers of Night or Crow
· Shadowlord Faeling Warriors specializing in Night or Crow
· Shadowsinger Faeling Students of Shadowbeat
Fink Twisted matriarchal race born in aetherspace. 2/4 Cold Resist 2/4 Asphyx Resist Improved Dramatics Performances Aethercraft Turret Bonuses Turret Equilibrium Bonus
Furrikin Tiny, furry people who are very fast. 2/4 Cold resist 2/4 Magic Resist Improved Seduction/Charity Influence SLIP and ROLL: Improved Writhe and Somersault Multi-room Roll
Gnome Short, technological race who travel aetherspace. 2/4 Poison Resist 2/4 Electricity Resist Improved Village Influence Aethercraft Chair/Grid Equilibrium Bonus Grid and Chair Bonuses
Human The most adaptive of the Lusternian races. Increased Experience Gain 1/3 Urban Health Regen Firstaid and Diagnose EQ Bonus
Healers Only: 2/10 Health Regeneration
Reduced Death Loss
Karma/Esteem Bonus
1/10 All Damage/Resist
Igasho Largest of all races, extremely hairy. 2/4 Cold Resist Scaling Bonus Warmth Bonus
Blademaster Weapon Specialty
Carry Unstoppable Carry
Illithoid Serpent-like psionic vampires. 1/4 Poison/Psychic Resist 2/4 Excorable Resist 2/10 Underground Health/Ego Regen
Ninjakari or Nekotai Weapon Specialty
Inner worm: Up to Improved Inner Worm
Kephera Very matriarchal and psionic insectoids. 1/4 Cutting/Blunt Resist 2/4 Psychic Resist 1/3 Underground Health/Ego Regen
Shofangi or Tahtetso Weapon Specialty
Chitinous Hide: Bonus Unequipped Armor Special Damage Reduction
Krokani One-eyed giants. 2/4 resistance to blunt damage 2/4 resistance to magical damage Glance/Observe EQ removed
Bonecrusher bludgeon bonus
Trait: Enhanced Vision Improved Trait: Sight Beyond Seeing
Loboshigaru Wolf-like race, strong regeneration. 2/4 resistance to cold damage. 2/4 resistance to fire damage. Empower/Paranoia Ego Attack bonus Trait: Enhanced Regeneration Improved Trait: Enhanced Regeneration+
Lucidian Crystal people of logic and intellect. 2/4 resistance to magic damage. 2/4 resistance to psychic damage. 1/3 Health/Mana bonus in cloudy environs
Aeonics: gain 1/10 bonus to excorable/magical damage
Aeromancy/chemantics gain 1/10 bonus to asphyxiation/lightning damage
Loralaria gain 1/10 to cold/asphyxiation damage
Trait: Supercharged Improved Trait: Overcharged
· Prismatic Lucidian Lucidians that specialise in Aeromancy.
· Adamantine Lucidian Warriors specializing in Aeonics
Merian A very noble, waterbreathing race. 2/4 cold resistance
Can breathe underwater
Merians who know dive gain reduced balance on SWIM while underwater
1/3 health/mana regen in flooded environs
Sacraments gain 1/10 bonus to divinus/electrical damage
Aquamancy/chemantics gain 1/10 bonus to cold/asphyxiation damage
Starhymn gain 1/10 to divinus/fire damage
Trait: Natural Born Leader Improved Trait: Natural Born Leader+
· Imperial Merian Merians specialising in Aquamancy or Celestialism
· Merian Lord Warriors specializing in Sacraments
· Seasinger Merian Students of Starhymn
Mugwump Amphibious race with keen intellect. 1/3 mana regen LEAP/breathe underwater naturally
Mugwumps who know leap from other sources gain reduced balance recovery when LEAPing
Bonus to Empower/Charity ego attacks Trait: Mental Superiority Improved Trait: Mental Superiority+
Orclach Warrior race, large and strong. 1/4 blunt/cutting resistance 1/4 magic/cold damage Corpse offerings to divine worth +5%
Pureblade speciality (two-handed sword)
Trait: Embrace death Improved Trait: Fain's gift
Tae'Dae Bear-like race, extremely charismatic and strong. 1/4 blunt/cutting resist 1/4 poison/cold resist 1/3 ego regen
Cavalier specialisation (polearms)
Music Specialisation: Bonus to empower/charity ego attacks
Ability: BEARHUG Improved Ability: Denizen BEARHUG/Instakill BEARHUG (<15% health)
Taurian Bull-like race, dangerous in herds. 2/4 cutting resist 2/4 electrical resist 2/10 health regen Ability: ENRAGE Improved Ability: Channeled Aggression
Trill Feathered, bird-like race that can fly. 1/4 cold/electrical resist FLY naturally
Trill who can fly by other means are no longer knocked from the sky, stunned instead for 2sec.
1/3 health/mana regen in cloudy environs
Aeonics: 1/10 divinus/magical damage
Aeromancy/chemantics: 1/10 asphyx/lightning damage
Loralaria: 1/10 cold/asphyx damage
Ability: EJECT Improve Ability: EJECT now travels up to 5 rooms.
· Cloud Trill Trills specialising in Aeromancy
· Storm Trill Warrios specializing in Aeonics
Viscanti The Tainted race. http://wiki.lusternia.com/Divine
· Master Viscanti Viscanti specialising in Geomancy or Nihilism 1/4 cutting/blunt resist 2/4 poison resist 1/3 health/mana regen in tainted environs
Necromancy: 1/10 bonus to excorable/poison damage
Geomancy/chemantics: 1/10 bonus to Asphyx/poison damage
Necroscream: 1/10 bonus to excorable/cutting damage
· Brood Viscanti Warriors specializing in Necromancy
· Irontongue Viscanti Students of Necroscream

If you find yourself unhappy with your race, you have available to you, once in your lifetime, a free reincarnation. While dead, you must journey to the Portal of Fate, and REINCARNATE INTO <race>. Doing so allows you to choose a new race. You must be dead to reincarnate.

If you are looking for members of your own race, RACEWHO (or just RWHO) will show you people online, who are visible to you, of your race.