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The songs of Minstrelry are whimsical and inspiring, evocative of both drunken midnight revelries and the pursuit of freedom. Tetra, with the assistance of the Dead Voice of the Elder God Gullagumbah, returned the music to Gaudiguch and founded the Minstrels guild.
Skill Learned At Description
Composition Master+0% You may compose songs expressing your own creativity.
Sustain Master+0% The ability to maintain a song.
DrinkingSong Master+0% Share a merry drink with your friends.
FireForte Master+33% Guard yourself against fire.
DiscordantChord Master+66% This painful chord shall crush the disharmonic soul.
Stumbling Gifted+0% Uh oh! Someone should take some dancing lessons.
AlcoholFumes Gifted+25% You're such a boozer, people get drunk just being near you!
Refrain Gifted+50% A musical structure that allows repetition of a stanza.
Reprise Gifted+75% A musical structure that allows reversal of a stanza.
ChaosChord Expert+0% This chaotic chord embodies the spirit of Gaudiguch.
YaikoYaiko Expert+50% Pink elephants and giant ducks are not good omens.
CaptiveAudience Virtuoso+0% Both friends and enemies hear nothing but your songs.
PurpleHaze Virtuoso+25% The purple haze will bring with it hallucinations.
Cabaret Virtuoso+50% A lively uptempto tune to raise the spirits.
MorningStar Virtuoso+75% A rousing composition by Tetra Alin'dor.
ShotNote Fabled+0% Get someone seriously intoxicated!
FireFugue Fabled+25% A passionate tune to make their blood boil.
Jamboree Fabled+50% Refresh the mind with a boisterous celebration.
BurningPower Fabled+75% Draw energy from your burning environment.
Encore Mythical+0% Play a rousing encore performance.
CanCan Mythical+25% Watch where you kick!
DrunkenFool Mythical+50% Dare someone to do something they might regret.
Jitterbug Mythical+75% Let the jitterbug into your brain.
Rave Transcendent+0% This energetic tune will make someone dance til they drop.



COMPOSE <song> STANZA <number> LYRIC <text>
COMPOSE <song> STANZA <number> IMBUE [<power>|NONE]
PERFORM SONG <song> [<target>]

As your ability in your song specialization increases, you will be able to compose new songs. You can write your own song and set it in stanzas. Each song can consist of up to 9 stanzas, and certain powers can also be invested in each stanza. Powers are divided into 3 types: Low (L), Medium (M) and High (H). Low types can only invested in stanzas 1-3, medium in stanzas 4-6 and high in stanzas 7-9. Low stanzas generally have simple effects, medium stanzas have stronger effects, and high stanzas have very strong effects. Some song powers need to be targetted and others will create a passive effect that stays around you. As a general rule, you will not be able to stack passive effects.

When playing a custom song, it always begins in stanza 1, each time you play the song, it progresses to the next stanza until the song ends or you change to another song or a certain amount of time elapses, whichever comes first. Note that before the time elapses, you can take other actions so long as you continue your performance before the time elapses.



This ability will allow you to slow the music you are playing to imperceptible levels, effectively freezing the music in place.


Stanza: Low (1-3)

Targetable: No

While the song plays, you and your allies will have an increased alcohol tolerance. Also, as the focus of attention, you will find yourself in a state of increased fitness, mental fortitude, and charisma depending on just how drunk you are.


Stanza: Low (1-3)

Targetable: No
Damage Modifier: 1/8 fire and pyschic damage buff
1/8 fire, cutting and blunt resistance

Protection against both physical and fire damage will befall you and your allies. Furthermore, any fire or psychic damage caused by you or your allies will be increased.


Power: Variable (Any)

Damage Type: 100% Magic

The discordant chord is tuned to especially harm those ears which are already suffering the tonal ailments of a musician, doing greater damage the greater the number of these afflictions the victim has. The power cost is 2 power for each affliction the victim has from among: manabarbs, egovice, and an achromatic aura. If the hapless victim suffers all three of these tonal disorders, and powerspikes, their suffering shall be grievous indeed - losing half their mana and ego in addition to immense pain.
If you have an octave active in the room, its magical ability to block the curing of auric ailments will prevent then from being consumed by the discordant chord. Additionally, it will increase the damage of your chord for no extra power cost.


Stanza: Low (1-3)

Targetable: No

Enemies who hear this song may find themselves stumbling over their own two feet.


Stanza: Low (1-3)

Targetable: No

Enemies will slowly get inebriated just by hearing this song, causing a loss of ego.


PERFORM REFRAIN <song> [<target>]

Instead of moving forward in the stanzas of a song, you can repeat the last stanza you performed as a refrain. You can refrain as many times as you desire.


Power: 1 (any)

By reprising your melodies and harmonies, you can take your song back one stanza.


Damage Type: 50% Fire 50% Psychic

Can Target Denizens

This chord is similar in nature to the minor second, except that it is tuned to the power of the Fire Plane and will slowly boil your target's blood.


Stanza: Mid (4-6)

Targetable: No

This effect drains the mana and ego of any enemies who hear it. The amount drained will increase if your enemy is particularly insane.



This will affect all allies and enemies in the room who can hear and are not already captivated by a bard. Those who are captivated will only pay attention to your songs and thus will only be affected (either negatively or positively) by your song effects. Blanknote or Blankchord will break the captivation.


Stanza: Mid (4-6)

Targetable: No

Those enemies who hear this song and are suffering from the effects of cactus weed, will slowly begin to accrue a number of hallucinatory ailments (hallucinations, paranoia, clumsiness, confusion).


Stanza: Mid (4-6)

Targetable: No

You and your allies will enjoy regeneration of your ego and mana.


Stanza: Mid (4-6)

Targetable: No
Damage Modifier: 1/8 universal buff

This rousing music will inspire the citizens of Gaudiguch to greater heights, causing the damage they do to be increased. This powerful sound was inspired by the lyrics of "Morning Star" by Tetra Alin'dor, the first guildmaster and founder of the guild.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: Yes
Power: 3 (Eternal Flame)

This revealing note can be sustained and directed at a target, causing ego loss, stun, and two of the following afflictions: addiction, recklessness, stupidity, paranoia, hallucinations.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: No
Damage Type: 100% Fire

This music when heard by enemies will cause them to combust, the amount of damage depending on their burn level.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: No

This rousing protective music will soothe the stresses of your existence, occasionally healing afflictions of the mind.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: Yes
Power 3 (Eternal Flame)

This fiery note will imbue your target with the ability to draw power from the latent heat of the desert. The next five power-consuming feats he performs in a pyrocast desert shall require one less power.


Power: 3 (Any)

By playing an encore performance, you will speed quickly through your song at a faster tempo - your recovery of equilibrium when playing songs will be halved.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: No

An amusing number that will cause enemies to kick each other. Obviously this has no effect if there are not at least two enemies in the room.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: Yes
Power: 5 (Eternal Flame)

This little ditty must be directed at a target. It will cause that person to dance like a fool, causing extreme embarrassment. If their ego is under half, they will die from this embarrassment. Otherwise, they will suffer ego loss and a short blackout.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: No

A lively tune that will cause your enemies to jitter, which makes their attempt to heal themselves occasionally not take effect as well as making them a little bit more insane.


Stanza: High (7-9)

Targetable: Yes
Power: 3 (Eternal Flame)

Put on a killer performance by playing music that it is impossible not to rave to. Such vigorous, ongoing exercise will eventually lead to fatal exhaustion. Once you start the killing note, you can do nothing that will disrupt the song.