Seal of War

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The Seal of War can be found on the way to the top of Avechna's Peak, in the Cave of War. The Seal of War is a metallic red disc, approximately the size of a small shield. Runes are etched around its rim that glow with an inner power. In the centre of the shield is the image of a fist encased in a metallic gauntlet. Disturbingly, the fist sometimes clenches tighter and shifts its grip. The seal floats in the air of its own power and thrums with a lifeforce that makes the very air around it blur.

The Seal of War, like all of the Living Seals, is composed of and empowered by the divine essence of the Vernal Gods; in this case, the Seal belongs to Klangratch, the Axe of War.

When the Seals are weakened, the mortals of Lusternia participate in a series of challenges designed to restore their power. In the end, just one mortal holds the Staff of Ascension and becomes a God. During this event, mortals participate in the Challenge of War, a gauntlet of arena events and free-for-all battles where only the finest combatant comes out on top.

Bearers of the Seal of War

The following mortals have won the Challenge of War and become Seal Bearers:

  • Shamarah (166 CE)
  • Visaeris (196 CE)
  • Desitrus (227 CE)
  • Ceren (256 CE)
  • Lothringen (287 CE)
  • Ixion (316 CE)
  • Sidd (347 CE)
  • Vadi (375 CE and 404 CE)
  • Celina (436 CE)
  • Veyils (467 CE)