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Hallifax, the Beacon of Harmony
Patron Zvoltz
Divine Pantheon Isune, Zvoltz, Jadice
Political Structure Conquest
Governance Style Benign
Guilds Institute, Aeromancers, Sentinels, Symphonium

Caught in a temporal anomaly during the Taint Wars, Hallifax was lost in time and space for over five hundred years. When the lost city finally returned to the current timestream, all its citizens were dead except for one, Cririk Adom. Upon declaring its independence, Hallifax strives to be the epitome of the confluence of logic, beauty and harmony. The city itself is a marvel of aeromantic engineering and floats above the Basin of Life. The nexus of power is known as the Matrix, which spans to the Elemental Plane of Air and the Cosmic Plane of the Continuum.

Believing in a strict hierarchy, Hallifax has strict social castes. The lowest caste level is that of servant, followed by bureaucrats, then the merchant class, and then the highest caste which is reserved for artists and scientists. Though it is arguable that the ruling elite make up a higher caste, it is generally thought that they are servants to the collective. Though in the ancient days before the fall of the Holy Celestine Empire, Hallifax was run like a corporation, in recent times they have opted for a more traditional representative governmental system.


The Matrix

Cradled within the center of the great array of crystal spires that is Hallifax, the Matrix is the nexus of power for the city. Crafted using techniques more advanced than any possessed in modern times by Aeromantic engineers of the Aeromancers and temporal theoreticians of the Matrix Research Institute, it bridges the planes, connecting Hallifax to the Elemental Plane of Air and the Cosmic Plane of the Continuum. While city law and custom discourages loitering, it is not uncommon to see citizens gathering around the Matrix for stimulating conversation, discourse, or merely civilized company.

The Spire of the Lawgivers

Set atop the very peak of the floating city, the most important bureaucratic and government officials have their offices in the Spire of the Lawgivers. From this tower, the City of Hallifax is administered and governed. Here can be found courtrooms and administrative offices, as well as the Executive Boardroom, in which the Board of Directors meets. A dome crafted of perfectly clear crystal allows a view out across the skies of the Basin from a point that is higher than many mountains.

The Library of Universal Knowledge

Southeast of the Matrix in Ward Two, the Library of Hallifax is another common gathering place. Memory crystal technologies store reams of data for display on touch-sensitive crystal panels, while more traditional books occupy rows of shelves stretching up into the airy void above.

The Transdimensional Flux Core

Located far below the Matrix and accessed from the tops of the six generators of the city, this vault of churning, chaotic energies is harnessed by the Primary Generator, also located here, to fill the vast power needs of Hallifax. Its stasis fields, which bring order to and draw power out of the chaotic energies, must be reinforced by shaping colored crystal spheres made from joules in the manifestation of the Matrix and placing them within.

The Elevator

At the very bottom of Hallifax is the only means of entering the city the higher castes would deign to use: the elevator. Powered by a sphere of cloud charged with aeromantic enchantment, it crosses between the base of Hallifax and the top of the Emerald Road on demand. The cool, emotionless voice of the city bids welcome to visitors and farewell to those departing the city.


Notable Denizens

  • Fraesic Sunfar, Keeper of the Matrix
  • High Supreme Justice Lilliana Sunfar
  • Comptroller Jeneral Jai'rok Eepex
  • Senior Administrator Hilelsa Clarramore
  • Lukun Shevat
  • Shalmae Silverplume
  • Linira Cloudwalker
  • Faethun Skysoarer
  • Senior Researcher Aduathic Arthar'rt